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Cabinet Painting Services

Cabinets Can Be Made to Look New Again

Maybe you have taken a look at cabinets in your home and decided that you need to replace them. That is not necessary. Let one of the paint teams we work with change the look of your cabinets with paint or stain. Whether you prefer a traditional stain, something with a distressed appearance, or a modern touch, you can achieve it with paint or stain.

Let the Experts Paint Your Cabinets Right

Did you know that you must be careful about the paint you select for your cabinets? The incorrect paint will leave you wondering what went wrong, because it may peel off or scratch easily. Depending upon the current finish, your cabinet surfaces may require special preparation to ensure that the new paint sticks and stands up to daily wear and tear. This is the advantage of having one of the paint crews we work with refinish your cabinets. They know what needs to be done to make the paint application successful.

If you are in the Five Star Painting of York, ME call (207) 517-2836 to schedule a cabinet painting estimate.

Cabinets Anywhere in Your Home Can Be Updated

The paint crews we work with are not only experts at painting kitchen cabinets. Wherever you have cabinets in your home, paint or stain can be applied to make them look better. A nice color or stain on cabinets in certain areas of your home can make those spaces more appealing. Here are a few of the places that can look cleaner with freshly painted or stained cabinets:

• Basement

• Craft room

• Garage

• Home office

• Laundry room

• Storage closet

Don’t Waste Perfectly Good Cabinets, Restore Them

Chances are, the cabinets in your home are sturdy and well-built. If the only concern you have is cosmetic, then paint or stain is the perfect way to make cabinet surfaces look better. You may be able to save thousands of dollars when you avoid ripping out old cabinets, hauling them away and having new cabinets installed. You won’t have to wait for cabinets to arrive or to have cabinets built to fit your space.

If you are in the Five Star Painting of York, ME area, call (207) 517-2836 and learn about cabinet painting options.

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