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If you like the design of your cabinets but not the color, repainting them can give your rooms a remodeled look. Replacing cabinets may not be necessary, especially if the only blemishes on them are dirt and stains from over the years. This kind of problem is easily fixed by a professional painting company.

At Five Star Painting of Red Deer, we can help you transform your cabinets from drab to beautiful in no time.

A kitchen with blue cabinets.

A Low-Cost Way to Transform Your Space

If you'd like to make a major impact on your kitchen or bathroom spaces, repainting your cabinets can be just the project to take on. This low-cost approach can make your cabinets look new and give your rooms an entirely different look, especially if you drastically change the color.

Five Star Painting of Red Deer can help out with your project by ensuring that you choose the type of paint that will last for years.

Schedule an appointment with our team by calling us. We can set up an estimate and discuss your ideas.

Preparation Is Crucial

To get the job done right, it is best to hire a professional for the job. At Five Star Painting of Red Deer, we understand that preparation is key. We try to ensure that every step is done right. Before we start, the kind of material you have for your cabinets will be taken into consideration.

Gray kitchen cabinets with lowers on island

The painters we work with at Five Star Painting of Red Deer will remove all the door handles. In addition, they will prep the cabinets by thoroughly cleaning them to remove stains and sanding down any uneven surfaces. They will also fix any chips and nicks before applying new coats of paint.

The Types of Cabinets We Can Paint

Five Star Painting is proud to be able to paint different kinds of cabinets. Some of the cabinets we're happy to assist with include cabinets in the:

• Laundry room

• Kitchen

• Bathroom

• Home office

• Media room

• Bedrooms

Call us today to inquire about our experience painting cabinets. Let us make your cabinets look like new again.

Typical Cabinet Painting Questions

How long will my freshly painted cabinets last?

Looking to learn more about how cabinet painting can benefit your home? Painted cabinets are designed to last! The time your cabinets new coat will last will primarily depend on what type of paint you decide on.

With proper upkeep and maintenance, you can expect your freshly painted cabinets to last up to 8-10 years.

How should I choose the best color for my cabinets?

It can start to get quite overwhelming thinking about all of the colors you can use to liven up your rooms. We’d recommend starting with the mood, look, and feel you like!

Looking for more information on choosing the right color to compliment your rooms? Contact Five Star Painting of Red Deer today!

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Looking for cabinet painting in Red Deer? Contact our team. We can set up an estimate and discuss your ideas.

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