Our Values


At Five Star Painting, we keep our goals clear and simple. Our vision is to capture your dreams and enhance your lifestyle by adding color to your world! Paint can transform your home—and, by extension, your whole life.


Our mission can be summed up by the simple acronym S.T.A.R.:

  • S – Sight: To create beautiful spaces.
  • T – Transform: Transforming lives and spaces through the use of paint.
  • A – Aspire: We deliver the highest quality and service.
  • R – Reputable: Meet and exceed customer expectations.


Our motto is: Five Star Quality. Without the Five Star Price. We believe you deserve the best service at a reasonable price. We offer our clients free price estimates. When we provide pricing for a painting job, we stick to it. No surprise fees after the work is done!


Our values are focused on delivering the best painting services in the industry. We’ve proven that we are trustworthy and reliable. Our customers trust us and feel confident that they are hiring the best in the business. From taking the time to properly prepare the work area to using the right equipment, we ensure that each project is done correctly.

For more information, or a free estimate, call Five Star Painting today.