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  • Person using a paint brush to paint a wooden fence

    Unique Fence Painting Ideas

    White paint and wood stain are not the only options when it comes to your fence. There are ways to get creative with your fencing, ...

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  • Person using a paint brush to paint a wooden deck

    How to Prepare an Old Deck for Painting

    Is your deck looking a little worse for wear? Do you wish it was in better shape for entertaining or enjoying with your family? ...

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  • Closeup of small paint roller being used to paint over bathroom tile

    Can You Paint Bathroom Tile?

    If you’re sick of your boring bathroom tile but don’t feel like tackling another huge tile project and the expense that goes with ...

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  • Small paint cans display a variety of different colors.

    Paint Colors Through the Decades

    From the retro hues of a 60s color palette to the Tuscan-style influences of the 90s color scheme, decade-inspired painting ideas ...

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