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  • Paint roller and brush being cleaned in a sink under running water.

    Washing and Cleaning Your Paint Brushes and Rollers

    Did you know that not all paints should be washed out of brushes and rollers with soap and water? Knowing how to wash paint ...

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  • Modern kitchen with aqua color cabinets and a small island, with two wooden stools.

    Choosing the Best Paint Color for a Kitchen with Dark Cabinets

    A fresh color on your kitchen walls can transform the entire space by giving it a new look and feel. However, choosing the wrong ...

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  • Modern living room with couch and multi-color scheme design.

    Embrace Bold Design with Maximalism: Decor Ideas for an Eclectic Taste

    While minimalist decor has been the rage over the last decade, there’s a new trend taking its place: maximalism. This style of ...

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  • Person wearing yellow rubber glove using a paint roller to paint an interior wall

    Everything You Should Know About Surfactant Leaching

    You have a nice new coat of paint that looked perfect when it was finished, but now you’re finding drip marks on bathroom walls. ...

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