Interior and Exterior Paint Maintenance

The experts at Five Star Painting want to help you make your house look great and stay in excellent shape. Refinishing areas of your home with a fresh coat of paint or stain is one way to protect the materials from the elements and everyday wear. Not only that, but a fresh coat of paint can make any home or room look new. Wood siding, trim, drywall, decks, and more all need to be refinished frequently, but how often?

We’re here to walk you through the timing! Whether you’re wondering when to touch up exterior house paint, well-traveled hallways, or deck stain, we have the resources you need to tackle these important home maintenance tasks.

How Often Should You _____?

Fill in the blank, and find experts advice and tips for your next home maintenance project:


How often should you paint the exterior of your house?
How often should you stain a deck?
How often should you paint stucco?
How often should you paint a fence?
How often should you pressure wash your house?


How often should you paint your house interior?
How often should you replace kitchen cabinets?

Help When You Need It

Keep your home looking great for years to come with help from your local Five Star Painting professionals. Use these guides to establish a maintenance routine for your home. If you need a hand, our painting experts are here to help. We will show up on time, keep a clean workspace and ensure the project stays on budget. Even better, we offer two-year warranties on our residential painting services.

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