We Can Renew Your Old and Dated Cabinets

Some DIY projects are fun and considered by many people to be great ways to make new memories with a loved one. However, some tasks should just be left for the professionals.

Your home's structure and functionality are just as important as style. While giving you your desired style, the painting contractors that we match to your project will ensure the finished pieces are functional.

Additionally, we choose painting contractors that take the extra time to produce a top-quality paint job and that strive to complete the assignment in a timely fashion.

What We Can Do

Five Star Painting serves the Aventura & Hollywood Beach area with the following services:

• Kitchen shelving, cabinetry, and islands
• Bathroom vanities
• Built-in nooks, storage spaces, and shelving units
• Laundry storage areas and shelving
• Storage shelves in your garage

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Refinishing: A Cost-Effective Alternative to Replacement

Refinished and painted cabinets have been picking up in popularity for many households. It could be why many people are inspired and attempting to do it themselves.

The preparations are often just as crucial as the actual painting. This is a common mistake with many people who attempt refinishing and/or painting furniture. Professional painters know this fact after learning their craft and through experience.

The wood's surface should be thoroughly cleaned and sanded for the paint to stick to it. Primer helps the paint to adhere to the wood. Before painting the color on the wood, primer is a must.

If you skip these critical steps, the paint will start to peel off in no time. Also, if there is dust or any foreign substance still left on the wood, it will show in the final results.

If the paint does chip or peel off, you will have to restart the whole process again in order to fix the problem.

If your cabinets do not have any severe damage, refinishing is a great way to give your storage space an upgrade. Whether you have a specific theme you're aiming for or just want a new color, Five Star Painting can help you get it done.

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