Photo of a two people painting a white wall yellow

Top 10 Painting Tips for Painting the Five Star Way

From start to finish, completing a quality paint job requires time and effort. Follow the “Five Star” tips below to ensure the “Five Star” quality you’re looking for.

1. Develop a Plan

Develop a plan of action. Find the color that fits your lifestyle and the feel of the room. Make sure to match the paint to the surface. Remember small, but important details from brush styles and sizes to roller cover fabric types. Choose a finish to achieve the look and feel you desire.

Develop a Plan

2. Clean, Clean, Clean

To ensure your paint job looks neat and lasts for many years to come wash ceilings and
walls, removing dirt and dust. Patch any holes or cracks and remove any existing residue that exists.

Clean Walls & Ceilings

3. Terrific Tape Job

Use a high quality painter’s tape and take your time. Lay down tape in small areas to maintain accuracy and precision. Smooth out the tape to release any air pockets or bumps, and beautiful straight lines will be revealed before you know it.

Place Painter's Tape

4. Prime Time

Every painting professional experiences prime time before the inner painting ninja emerges. Apply a layer of primer to cover stains and enhance the look, adhesion and durability of your paint.

Apply Paint Primer

5. Order of Operations

While painting isn’t calculus, the order of steps when painting can be extremely important. Start with the ceiling and move on to the walls. Finish with trim around the doors, windows and floors.

Painting Order of Operations

6. Cagaas Drop Cloths

No longer will you have to risk tracking wet paint on the heels of your shoes into another room. Paint drops dry quickly in cagaas compared to plastic and the material is more likely to stay in place around corners and doorways.

Painting Cagaas Drop Cloths

7. Say ‘Nay’ to the Tray

Using a painting tray presents multiple problems – stepping in fresh paint, kicking the tray, and way-to-frequent refills. Grab a bucket and roller screen, mix in your paint and you are good to go for hours of painting. Plus, it eliminates messy cleanup. Just snap on the lid and store your roller screen until another day.

Avoid Painting Trays

8. On a ‘Roll’

After cutting in around the edges, take a roller and go to town. Roll in a consistent pattern, applying an even stroke. Consider adding an extension pole to fill in hard to reach areas.

Paint Roller

9. Make a Note

It’s always important to remember the specifics of the paint you use. Record necessary information such as paint color, paint number and brand name or snap a picture of the paint label with your mobile device. You never know when you’ll need a fresh new coat of paint.

Paint Label: Make a Note

10. Have Fun

Painting is more than another item to check off the to-do list. Painting is an experience that adds color to your world. Put in the effort needed to achieve the results you’ll appreciate looking at every day. Have fun and let your personality shine through your work!

Have Fun