Photo of a chair and side table on top of a patterned floor

Interior Design Patterns: Geometry Class

Painted accent walls are a popular method of revitalizing melancholy spaces, but as with any trend, we couldn’t just stop at the traditional. Why not add even more life to that plain coat of paint with fun shapes and geometric designs?

Over the past year, patterns have plastered themselves onto every surface: blouses, pants, handbags, cellphone covers, fingernails, etc. It was only a matter of time before these whimsical designs found their way to the walls of your home. A far cry from stripes and polka dots, here are some of our favorite geometric patterned painted walls:

1) Squares on Squares on Squares

Interior Design Patterns: Squares

2) A Striped Delight

Interior Design Patterns: Striped

3) Chevron Station

Interior Design Patterns: Chevron

4) Gone Awry

Interior Design Patters: Gone Awry

5) Joined at the Hip

Hip Interior Design Patterns

6) Not Quite Floral

Interior Design Patterns: Floral

7) Occasional Octagons

Interior Design Patterns: Octagons

8) Be Square

Interior Design Patterns: Square

9) Of All Shapes and Sizes

Interior Design Patterns: Shapes

Which geometric design will you be adding to your home?