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What is Zero VOC Paint?

Have you ever heard reference to low or zero VOC paint? For those who are not in the paint industry, the benefits of using zero VOC paint may be a mystery. Since protecting the environment and our customers’ health is always our priority, we here at Five Star Painting would like to tell you why we choose to use low or no VOC paint on all our projects.
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What are VOCs?

VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds and are toxic chemicals emitted by drying paints. These compounds are harmful to you because they have been linked to respiratory illness. VOCs are harmful to the environment because they have been linked to ozone and smog formation. As a consumer, you would recognize the difference between paint with VOC and those without VOC due to the smell. Paints with high levels of VOC will have a strong “fresh paint” smell and can even cause headaches or memory impairment when inhaled.

Benefits of Zero VOC paint

Five Star Painting chooses to use zero-VOC paint when painting your home’s interior so that your home is not filled with paint fumes. Zero VOC paint still has the same coverage, longevity and quality of regular paint. The only difference you will notice is the lack of smell during and after the work is complete!

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