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How to Clean and Declutter Your Bedroom

Is it time to clean and declutter your bedroom? Many people fail to recognize the importance of a clean and organized bedroom. When a bedroom is in order, it promotes calm and restful sleep. Marriage counselors and doctors agree that uncluttered bedrooms are an important ingredient of a happy household.

The Sorting Process

Bedrooms have a tendency to collect all types of items that don’t really belong there. This is the perfect time to go through every item in the bedroom, separate it by type and put it right where it belongs in the home. Do you really need to hang on to items you haven’t used in a year or more? These types of items simply take up space and make the bedroom more crowded. Things like knickknacks sitting around everywhere collecting dust particles. Are they adding anything to the bedroom? In all likelihood they are probably detracting from the peace and rest your bedroom environment ought to have.

Look around the room for trash and any broken items and toss them out. Next, venture underneath the bed where random items get shoved. Open up the nightstand and dresser, pull everything out and clear off the top. Now that you can see what you’re hanging onto, it’s time to let it go. It will feel great to donate a pile of unwanted items to Goodwill for other people who need them more, plus your bedroom will be clutter free. I can almost guarantee you will sleep better because both your room and you will feel better.

Now that the clutter is gone, get out your dusting and vacuuming tools and start cleaning. Don’t forget to clean the windows and window seals so they are free of dirt and debris. Scrub the floor moldings and get rid of the dust and grim the settles on them. For both the window track and the floor molding I recommend using an old tooth brush and some Pine-sol. Take a broom, brush or detail vacuum tool and get the dust and debris out of edges of the carpet around the room. Finally, vacuum the carpet or sweep and mop if you have hardwood floors. Start at the top and end at the bottom for a more efficient job.

Cleaning Your Closet
Wouldn’t it be nice to have your closet full of only the cute clothes you love and not bogged down with the stuff you don’t love?

Next, take a serious look at the clothing and shoes in your drawers and closets and follow the same process of donating what you don’t need, because you don’t wear it anyway. Once you have identified everything you want to keep, it is time to organize each of these items so they are neat and easily accessible. I suggest saving clothing purge until your room is clean that way you can just focus on organizing your wardrobe

Using Organizational Helpers

The queen of organization, Martha Stewart offers some great ideas to restore order in the bedroom. Let’s head to the closet. Begin by selecting your favorite clothing to hang up neatly on felt-tipped wooden hangers so that they will not fall onto the floor when we reach for them. If you have a walk-in closet orderly shoe racks can be created by using open, pull-out shelving against the wall of the closet. To keep boots looking great, she recommends creating homemade boot hangers by replacing the knobs on cedar boot trees with large cup hooks screwed into the top.

Closet Organizational Helpers
A well organized closet will stay organized longer if you have plenty of quality hangers.

Instead of crowding the closet with too many clothes, why not store the remaining out of season items neatly underneath the bed? Martha instructs us on how to make a “closet on wheels.” Attach casting wheels to a wooden box, a drawer from an old chest or a wine crate and slide them under the bed. Clothes that belong in the dresser drawers can be organized by using plastic drawer dividers to separate small items such as socks and underwear. As a general rule, heavier clothes such as jeans belong in the deeper bottom drawers while small items belong in the top drawers.

Walk-In Closet Organization
If you have a walk-in closet with plentiful shelving space, I envy you.

Personal dream of mine is to keep my jeans and sweaters on shelves in a walk-in closet, that way I can see everything I have and access it with ease. No digging through a drawer and it saves the trouble of opening and closing the drawers themselves.

Making it Beautiful

Now that your room is clean, take this opportunity to redecorate the bedroom a little bit. Clear out any furniture that has become useless, unattractive or is taking up too much floor space. Looking at the surfaces of the furniture, decide what necessary items really need to be displayed on top. Remember this rule: less is more. It will feel like a breath of fresh air to have empty spaces here and there. You can put some thought into what you display, such as a crystal vase with fresh flowers or candles, which will both add to the charm factor. There you have it, a fresh, clean and decluttered bedroom!