Photo of a light-colored living room with shoji walls

Natural Style

Creating a natural style among your home’s interior design can bring a touch of the outdoors inside. From stone layered fireplaces, to beautiful wooden floors, consider adding some natural flavor to your home during your next remodel.

Natural interior design combines elements of the outdoors with elegance and style. Whether it’s a living room or dining room, bedroom or bathroom, try exploring different options for incorporating a natural style within the walls of your home.

Stone Fireplaces

Stone fireplaces are a beautiful way to create a natural feel within an open area of your home. Consider adding a wooden coffee table or wooden side tables with a natural look to complement your stone layered fireplace.

Large stone fireplace in a bedroom

Stone fireplace next to a bookshelf

Natural Bedrooms

Natural bedrooms highlight simplicity and beautiful furniture. Try adding beautiful wood floors in your master bedroom with wooden furniture, be it rustic or modern.

Beautiful bedroom with walnut floors

Natural wood bedroom


Is there a favorite moment in the scenic outdoors that stands out to you – a waterfall, a butterfly, a running stream of crystal clear water, or a white blanket of fresh snow? Do you have a favorite National Park you like to visit? Has there been a moment where the outside world has provided a ‘wow’ factor?

Try to catch a glimpse of those memories within the walls of your home through pictures. Hang pictures of your favorite outdoor elements, be it scenic views, photos or artwork of your favorite National Park, leaves turning colors, amazing animals, or family pictures taken outdoors.

Coast with stone shores


What colors do you think of when you visualize nature? How can these colors translate to your home? Whether it is a shade of brown, green, gray, beige or off-white, decide on a color scheme to bring a calming and relaxing, natural feel to your home.

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Kitchen with stone and wood accents

Two white chairs in a living room with light-colored wooden floors