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Preparing Your Home for the Holidays

The weather is starting to get cooler, and that means one thing… the holidays are just around the corner! At Five Star Painting, our favorite thing about this time of year is that we get to spend it with family and friends. During the year, it is easy to get caught up with daily responsibilities such as work, kids, and chores that we often get behind on spending quality time with those we love.

If you are hosting Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s celebrations at your house this year, we want to offer you some tips to make your house ready for guests. Let’s start with big projects and work our way down to the details that delight.


Exterior trim

Before you unbox those 37 strands of Christmas lights that mysteriously tangled themselves while sitting in your attic, take a minute to inspect the trim on the exterior of your home. If you notice cracking, peeling, or gaps in the joints, it’s time to give Five Star Painting a call. A few small repairs and a fresh coat of paint on the exterior will freshen your home’s entire outward appearance.

Create a Warm Welcome

Your front door and front porch create a perfect opportunity to welcome guests to your home. If you are updating your exterior trim, now is a good time to consider a new paint color for your front door. Compliment it with a wreath or garland with lights.

Feeling crafty? An inexpensive and beautiful way to light the path to your front door can be created using lunch bags.


  • White paper bags
  • Sand
  • Battery-operated LEDs (recommended in place of traditional tea lights for safety purposes)
  • Hole punch


  1. Using the hole punch, punch out designs or words on each bag. Christmas trees, angels, snowflakes, “Noel”, “Peace”, and “Joy” are are simple, easy to do options.
  2. Fill the bottom of each bag with sand, which will weigh them down and keep them standing.
  3. Arrange the bags down your front walkway or across your front porch.
  4. Place an LED in the center of the stand

Mailbox Topper

An easy way to make your home’s exterior festive for the holidays is to add decor to your mailbox. If you have a brick enclosed mailbox, consider adding a garland with pine cones and ornaments mounted on top. If you have a free-standing mailbox, wrap the garland around the pole and add a nice red bow to the top to add flair.



Updating a room’s wall color is one of the most impactful and affordable ways to change the look of the space. If you hung the artwork on your dining room wall back in the 80’s, then there’s a good chance the paint (or worse, wallpaper!) behind it is in need of an update. Five Star Painting can offer a free estimate and consultation to figure out what color will best compliment your room, based on lighting, flooring and furniture. Check out our full list of residential services.


Your dining room and breakfast-nook tables are the perfect place to add some holiday cheer. Invest in three glass cylinders of varying sizes, and you will find countless ways to use them throughout the year to liven up your table. For Thanksgiving, fill the large vase with pine cones, the medium vase with gold and brown potpourri, and the small vase with a variety of nuts (still in shells). For Christmas, fill all three vases with a variety of ornaments all in a simple color scheme. There are so many options, so feel free to wander around your local craft store and search for inspiration. Choose a color scheme, and just go with it!

Mantle decor

The fireplace and mantle are often the focal point of a living area, which makes it the perfect spot to “dress up” your home for the season. Here are some ideas to customize this area for the season:

  1. Buy plain green garland and solid colored ornament balls at your local craft or dollar store. Drape the garland across your mantle, and then hook the ornaments incrementally along the garland. Ta-Dah! Beautiful and less expensive than a pre-decorated garland.
  2. Invest in candlesticks, then buy different colored candles to coordinate with the season and your color scheme. Traditional colors like red and green are always timeless, or consider gold to coordinate with Thanksgiving and Christmas themes.
  3. Most houses have a statement piece above the fireplace mantle, but most homeowners do not update or change it out during the year. We suggest that while you are out shopping this year, look for a seasonal canvas or piece of art and make it your holiday tradition to mount it in this space. It is an easy way to add some seasonal flair to your walls and liven up your decor.

If you have any other tips, ideas or easy crafts you want to share, leave a message on our FacebookLink opens in a new tab page!