Why Do We Have A Favorite Color?

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It’s that moment when you’re deciding what to wear to work… and it hits you: 90 percent of the shirts in your closet are a variation of the same or a similar color! You had no idea that you were biased, but there you have it. The same stands to reason when you begin thinking about what color to repaint a room, and you find yourself drawn to a certain color scheme – no matter what the Pantone Color of the Year is. So, why is it exactly that people have a favorite color?

The Psychology Behind It

We did a little research, and found that scientists cannot definitely link humans’ color preferences to any biological trait. It seems to be truly a “nurture versus nature” response. Here’s an interesting quote we found in an article in Psychology Today: “In an essay in 1973, Biologist Theodosius Dobzhansky, famously observed that "nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution."” The article goes on to reason that humans have subconsciously adapted their perceptions of color to interpretations of concepts such as ‘clean’, ‘safe’, ‘palatable’, etc. For example, individuals might prefer bright blues that represent a clear, storm-free sky or clean, drinkable water over a muddy, dirt-hued brown when choosing interior wall paint.

What Does Your Favorite Color Say About You?

We receive positive feedback about a color we wear, or an item we add to our home or office, and want a repeat experience. These choices become a habit, and weave themselves into our personality. A Thought Catalog article concludes that your color preferences may actually indicate aspects of your psyche, manifested in your tone choices. View some of the traits represented in popular colors below:

deep, calm, reliable and trustworthy

Blue Painted Living room with White Trim

Yellow: curious, enjoy learning new things, like to cheer people up, intelligent

Green: practical, loyal and consistent, crave security

Purple: artistic, unique, compassionate and active

Red: bold, loud, boisterous and full of energy

Red Living Room

willed, determined, craving power and prestige

White: simple, neat, peaceful, immaculate

Bringing It Home

Are you ready to let your true colors shine? Want to reflect your personality in your home? Contact Five Star Painting today to let our professional teams help you express yourself!