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Home Maintenance Schedule Highlights Spring Paint Inspection

Taking care of your home’s exterior is an easy home maintenance chore to forget. Granted, paint lasts 3-7 years, but this doesn’t mean you’re off the hook for years at a stretch. With years of experience in the industry, we know firsthand how a little preventative maintenance can make an exterior paint job last a lot longer.

The experts at couldn’t agree more, which is why they included inspecting your home’s exterior every spring in their Home Maintenance Schedule. NeighborlyLink opens in a new tab is a community of local home service business owners dedicated to providing honest and professional home maintenance in communities across the country. They live where they serve and know firsthand common problems and the reliable fixes.

The checklist recommends inspecting your home’s exterior every spring for peeling paint, pest intrusion or rotting wood. A long winter can make water seep into unwelcome places. Catching this early is your ticket to an easy fix. Not identifying a pest problem early gives the pests time to reproduce and make your problem more substantial. Normal wear and tear is an issue, too. Even a little bit of peeling paint can allow moisture and UV rays to prematurely degrade the paint and the wood. Composite siding isn’t maintenance free, either. It should still be cleaned, kept free of debris and inspected for wear and insect/pest damage every spring.

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