Craft Ideas for Extra Paint Swatches

Photo of a colorful green and pink mobile against a yellow background
The last time you visited a home improvement store, did you marvel at all the colored paint swatches on display? These free little samples are the key to unlocking cheap, beautiful DIY crafts. Whether you’re looking for unique decorations, gift ideas, or other ways to reuse paint swatches, you’ve come to the right place. Get your creative juices flowing with these fun paint swatch crafts.

Hanging Decorations

With a scalloped hole punch, colored thread, plenty of paint swatches, and a wireframe to mount your creation on, you can make a personalized accessory to hang from the ceiling. Your child’s bedroom, the playroom, or your craft room are particularly good locations to display the decoration.


Opt for solid-colored samples for this DIY paint chip craft. All you need is a hole punch, binder rings, and any embellishments you want to decorate the pages. Use the notebooks for shopping lists, to-do lists, or doodle pads for your kids. Just be sure to use a Slick Writer pen so the ink doesn’t smudge.

Wall Art

Abstract art is all the rage these days, especially in modern homes. Instead of paying top dollar for wall art, make your own using an old frame and paint swatches cut into perfect squares.

Gift Tags

Liven up your holiday gift boxes with this paint swatch craft. Red and green paint chips are the most appropriate, but you can use any colors you have on hand.


Perfect for gift-giving or organizing doodads in your junk drawer, paint chip boxes are a fun craft you can do with your kids.


Cut out whatever shapes you want from a stack of paint samples to create a garland for Halloween, Christmas, or St. Patrick’s Day – the possibilities are endless!


Do you have an old picture frame? How about a handful of paint swatches in similar colors? Then you have everything you need to make a paint chip calendar! Setting it behind glass means you can use a dry-erase marker to update the calendar as the months go by.


Make your own brightly colored jewelry with paint swatches cut into different-sized circles. A little adhesive spray and silver earring wire are the other components you need to craft your own earrings. These also make great gift ideas!


The ombre effect of traditional paint chips makes them perfect for a DIY bookmark. Cut a sample down to size, send it on a quick trip through a laminator, and add some embroidery thread to make cute, durable bookmarks for you and your kids.

Party Invitations

The postcard-like thickness of paint chips makes them perfect for sending in the mail. Greeting cards, moving announcements, and party invitations are just a few ideas to draw from.

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