Commercial Building Paint Schemes

Commercial Painting
Picking exterior paint colors for a commercial building differs from doing the same for your home. Whereas a bold color may suit your three-bedroom bungalow on a half-acre lot, it may not work on a larger structure in a business district. Keep the following considerations in mind when choosing the color scheme for your commercial building.

Commercial Buildings Typically Are Bigger

A neutral color palette may be the best option for a large building. Not only will the right neutrals blend with the structure’s surroundings, but they will also more easily complement your business logo or any exterior signage. Allow these elements to stand out against the color scheme, also picking up bold colors on accents, such as trim and doors.

Note: If your commercial building has historic status, know that your options are limited to those approved by the governing body. For example, the historic district in Grapevine, Texas, specifies the paint manufacturer preservation color palettes for all landmarks and buildings that must be used, and plans must be submitted to the city for approval before any modifications are made. Be sure to check with the appropriate office in your city if painting a historic building.

Consider the Architecture and Exterior Material

In addition to picking a color palette that you like and that would serve your business well, also consider the style of the building and its exterior materials. For example, don’t paint a Victorian in sedate hues-use the architectural interest to make a statement if appropriate.

The material itself not only affects the appearance of paint color, but it also may dictate a specific product to use. Wood requires different paint than concrete and different paint than stucco to get complete coverage. Your professional painter can best advise on this front.

Look at the Surroundings of the Building

Just as you factor in your company graphics, also look at what surrounds your building when choosing paint colors. Does it sit on a small lot? A darker color will keep the building from looking oversized. Also ask: Do you have evergreen or seasonal landscaping? Are the driveways and walkways neutral or must their color be considered, as well? What colors are the surrounding buildings? What services does your business offer? A law office, for example, would require a more sedate in tone palette than, say, an ice cream shop.

Just as you must follow guidelines and get approval if your commercial building sits in a historical district, the same applies if you lease within a business or industrial park. The owners of the property likely have architectural standards that all occupants must adhere to-check before starting the creative process.

Ask These Questions of Commercial Painters

When getting estimates for your commercial painting project, ask if the companies are licensed and insured in order to protect your business and its employees during the application. Also, request references and examples, call past clients to inquire as to the professionalism of the painters, and drive past previous projects to see the work done. This will be an investment of time and finances for your business, so you want to ensure the work will be done in the time frame given and to the standards promised. You can also get more advice on choosing a professional painter on our website.

Once the exterior painting has been completed, move on to the interior. It makes sense to complete the entire painting of your commercial building in this order, as depending on the size of the building and what your business does, you may need to halt operations during the process. Using a company that has proven itself outside can mean staying on schedule during an interior painting job.

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