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Longmont Cabinet Painting Services

Five Star Painting Will Refinish Your Cabinets to Look New

When you are remodeling your home, you will usually need to consider updating your cabinetry at the same time in order to have a uniform look throughout the house. However, totally replacing the cabinets can be quite a task, can take a while and can be expensive. Refinishing existing cabinets is faster and costs less. Five Star Painting can refurbish these and other types of cabinets for you:

  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Bathroom cabinets
  • Kitchen islands
  • MDF cabinets
  • Solid wood cabinets
  • Framed cabinets
  • Frameless cabinets
  • Base cabinets
  • Wall cabinets
  • Cabinet drawers
  • Cabinet doors
  • Built-in shelving
  • Closet storage

To see what Five Star Painting can do with your cabinets, call Five Star Painting of Boulder at (303) 622-5435 for an appointment to get your free estimate!

Refinishing Your Cabinets Is a Smart Decision

Over time, cabinets can become worn and damaged. Their original finish may be compromised. In that case, you can either replace them, which can be very expensive and take a lot of time, or you can choose to refinish them. This is often less expensive and takes much less time. Five Star Painting has years of experience refinishing cabinets, and our contracted painters can paint or stain your existing cabinetry so that it looks new! They can even help to reface your cabinets, removing the outer doors but keeping the rest of the box construction. Our Longmont cabinet painters can help paint a new set of doors to give your old cabinets a fresh look.

Five Star Provides Professionally Executed Work

When it comes to any type of painting or staining of cabinets, Five Star Painting has a team of contracted painters that will do the job expeditiously and professionally. We are committed to providing the best work and customer service in our power, and our Longmont cabinet painters will do the job as required and with minimal disturbance to you.

Don't wait any longer for your refreshed cabinets! Call Five Star Painting at (303) 622-5435 for a consultation to get your free estimate on refinishing your cabinets.

Large kitchen with wood floors, an island in the middle and off white cabinets.
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