Is Top Quality Paint Worth the Money?

Photo of two used paint brushes resting on plastic covered wooden table
Are you looking to get some of your rooms, or even all of your rooms painted?  If so, don’t skimp over the quality of the paint, it isn’t worth a few dollars per gallon without knowing all of the facts before making that decision.

Paint companies make different grades of paints that are used for different applications. Premium paints provide the best coverage and durability. Some other types you will see will say professional grade, architectural grade or professional grade, these will work but won't do as good a job as true premium quality paint. Here are some reasons why you should be considering the best quality paint. 

Top Quality Paints offer:

  • Adhesion: The binder in these paints helps them grip to any surface better.
  • Look: Higher quality paints are thicker, therefore are less likely to spray when rolling and leave a more even coat, ensuring you see less roller and brush marks.
  • Touch-up: If you need touch ups in the future, it won’t be noticeable when using a top-quality paint.
  • Cleaning: Top quality paints tend to keep dirt and grime from sinking in, making for easy cleaning.  If you do have to scrub the paint to remove a stubborn spot you can do so without risking damage to the surface.
  • Coverage: Top quality paints can often do a better job in less coats, saving the time and money.
  • Imperfections: Windowsills and other horizontal surfaces can be imprinted when objects are placed on them. When painting these surfaces, using of a top-quality paint in an eggshell will minimize this problem.
  • Mildew: Paint quality can have an impact in the future of whether mildew will appear.
  • Fade: Choose a fade-resistant top quality 100% acrylic latex interior paint that to ensure your color lasts longer.