Meet Our Team

Spencer Marrott-Owner/partner

Spencer has been working for Five Star Painting franchises in Northern Virginia since 2015 as a project manager and estimator. When the opportunity came to take ownership of the Central Virginia territory, Spencer brought the venture to his father-in-law, Jerald, and the two became partners. As co-owner of Five Star Painting Manassas, Spencer leads the production team including project managers and skilled teams of painters. He uses his expertise in project management and commitment to honest and detailed service to build relationships with our teams as well as our clients. Spencer is driven to provide quality, finished products and appreciates a job well done. He strives to identify problems before they happen and give knowledgeable solutions to empower all involved to make informed decisions about their projects. Along with the rest of the Five Star Painting of Manassas team, he works to ensure our projects display a level of professionalism that truly is worth five stars.

Rebecca Valois-Manager of Concept Creation

Rebecca joined Five Star Painting of Manassas in February of 2020. She brings 25 years of experience helping clients turn their hopes and dreams into reality through counseling services and business development. Her professional experience includes community and home-based counseling and professional business development working for government agencies as well as large national healthcare organizations. As the Director of Concept Creation, an estimator, and a project manager, she uses her knowledge of the psychology of colors and her love of fashion to help people create the vision of their project. She is a key part of the team whose passion is using a collaborative process to help others achieve their goals. She enjoys great satisfaction seeing her clients project vision come to fruition when completed.

Jessi Edwards-Operations Manager

Jessi joined Five Star Painting of Manassas as Operations Manager in May 2021. Jessi uses her 20+ years of customer service and managerial experience to keep things running smoothly for the company behind the scenes as well as to help clients feel at ease when scheduling/before their projects begin. In addition to her job as Operations Manager, she is a two-time published children's book illustrator, internationally certified henna artist, a 300 HR RYT yoga instructor and artist with works on display in VA, WV, PA and MD. As a professional artist with an eye for color, she enjoys seeing a client's house transform into a home because of Five Star Painting of Manassas' dedication to delivering the highest quality work possible. Jessi looks forward to continuing to help the company grow for many years to come.

Maria Roberts-Estimator

Maria began working with Five Star Painting of Manassas in early fall of 2021 and brings over 25 years of corporate business development and operations experience to the team. She specializes in helping clients turn their wish list into reality. Using her business development experience, she helps them identify the fundamental aspects of each project that will result in the successful creation of their idea. An experienced entrepreneur, as co-owner of Mod & Mouse and Blank Tape Studios, she provides counsel and guidance to the operations team providing valuable insight for creating the most efficient and successful internal systems. Maria consistently brings new ideas to the team that focus elevating the definition of Five Star quality and experience.

Kristyn Marrott-Marketing Manager

Kristyn started behind the scenes with Five Star Painting of Manassas, providing encouragement as her husband and father teamed up to take on franchise ownership. She joined the team officially in 2022 as marketing and outreach director. Her experience and skills include teaching, public speaking, business development, and marketing management. Kristyn is also a published writer and musician. She has won multiple awards for her creativity in poetry and music, a talent she uses to give Five Star Painting of Manassas a local, personal online voice that reflects the pulse of the community.

Loren Roberts-Project Manager

Loren joined Five Star Painting of Manassas in January of 2022. He brings several years of experience working in collaborative environments involving videography and live audio engineering, as well as time serving as the Director of Operations at his own music recording studio, Blank Tape Studios. He leverages his leadership skills in the role of Project Manager to ensure that every job gets done right and in a professional manner to ensure that the customer is satisfied with both the process and the results. Loren’s hunger for knowledge makes him a great resource for helping customers ensure that they’re using the best products and the best process to achieve their desired look.

As a part of the Five Star Painting of Manassas Team, Loren is always doing his best to ensure that the quality of results represents the Five Star standard and reflects the level of professionalism that accompanies the work.

Jerald Roberts-Owner/Partner

Jerald acquired Five Star Painting of Manassas with his business partner and son-in-law, Spencer Marrott, in 2020 when the previous owner moved on to other ventures. Jerald has 30 years of business development and operations experience working with Fortune 50 organizations, large corporations, and start-up companies in the areas of human resources, safety and compliance, marketing, advertising, sales, strategic planning, business development and employee management and is a co-owner of Blank Tape Studios a music recording studio. Jerald and Spencer Marrott work together with the team to continually deliver Five Star quality work and only the best results throughout the market.

“From estimating to scheduling and project management our team of professionals will ensure your project runs smoothly from start to finish and without avoidable incident. We take great pride in our work and seeing the joy clients experience when their finished project achieves their vision and exceeds expectations.”

Our Vision

“Our vision is to capture your dreams and enhance your lifestyle by adding color to your world!”

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