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The outdoor curb appeal of your commercial building can mean the difference between displeased onlookers and long-lasting customers. Let’s face it: When your commercial space looks cared for, your customers and tenants also feel cared for.

But maintaining the wood siding on commercial buildings can be tricky. After a few years, wood siding can start to deteriorate, requiring a fresh coat of paint or stain for protection. A commercial wood siding painting service can help you maintain the professional look of your building, increasing your business’s trust factor.

The experts at Five Star Painting specialize in commercial painting services that accommodate various types of wood siding. Our commercial painting services can make your building look good as new and more appealing to your customers and passersby alike.

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Commercial Wood Siding Painting

Our Five Star Painting professionals can guarantee the following:

  • Long-lasting paint: Typically, our wood siding paint lasts from 7 to 10 years, depending on the climate. This reduces the time and effort you spend researching and hiring a painting service every few years.
  • Color selection: Our painting experts can guide you through your paint project from start to finish, including choosing a color for your wood siding or color-matching the existing finish.
  • Low maintenance: We understand that running your business is your priority. So, once we paint your building, you won’t have to worry about maintenance and frequent touchups. Our professionals use long-lasting, quality paints that are durable and low maintenance. And when the job is complete, we clean up any painting mess to ensure your property looks picture-perfect.

Commercial Wood Siding Repair

Depending on your location, your commercial wood siding can take a real beating. Ignoring the wood siding on your commercial building isn’t wise. Flaking or discolored paint can detract from the appearance of your business and impact customers.

We can repair your commercial building siding to help maintain the appearance of your business so it’s not affected by weathered wood siding. Our professionals are also equipped to deal with minor carpentry needs such as replacing rotten wood.

Commercial Wood Siding Installation

Sometimes poorly maintained wood siding can cause damage to your building’s structure. Many of our experts are skilled at carpentry and can install new or replacement wood siding for your building as needed.

Our Wood Siding Painting Process

Our wood siding painting process is simple, effective, and includes the following:

  1. Prepare the building: Before any painting begins, all dirt and debris must be removed. We thoroughly clean the building surfaces we paint to ensure the paint adheres properly. Our professionals also remove and replace any damaged wood prior to painting.
  2. Apply primer: Primer helps your commercial building achieve a uniform, neat appearance once the paint goes on. It can also serve as a type of repellent for stains.
  3. Paint: Our skilled painters are then ready to apply high-quality paint from Benjamin Moore, Behr, or Sherwin Williams, ensuring that your paint job is meticulous and long-lasting.

Pros and Cons of Wood Siding for Commercial Buildings

Using wood siding for commercial buildings has its advantages and disadvantages.

The pros of wood siding:

  • Can be painted in a spectrum of different colors.
  • It has an adaptable style that can enhance your business.
  • Warms up an otherwise industrial-looking building.
  • It is environmentally friendly.

The cons of wood siding:

  • Can require maintenance every few years.
  • It is susceptible to staining or deterioration.
  • Looks sloppy if not primed and painted properly by a professional.

The professionals at Five Star Painting handle the cons associated with wood siding so you can enjoy all the advantages. We offer business owners a professional, no-hassle process that ensures your wood siding painting project will last.

Cost of Commercial Wood Siding Services

We offer a free price quote for your commercial wood siding project. Once we provide our quote, you don’t have to worry about your painting service going over budget — the agreed-upon budget is permanent unless the scope of the project changes. That means, when we give you a price, we stick to it. There are no surprise fees or last-minute costs.

Ready to enhance the appearance of your business? Schedule your free estimate now to restore the wood siding in your commercial space.

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