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  • How to Paint an Ombre Wall

    Ombre is defined as the gradual blending of hues from light to dark, and it is reminiscent of the beauty found in nature, from jaw-dropping sunsets to centuries-old rock formations. Today, this highly ...
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  • Craft Ideas for Extra Paint Swatches

    The last time you visited a home improvement store, did you marvel at all the colored paint swatches on display? These free little samples are the key to unlocking cheap, beautiful DIY crafts. Whether ...
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  • Painting Ideas to Make Your Kid’s Closet Pop

    Decorating your teen’s or younger child’s bedroom can be a real challenge. For starters, you must make the space personal and inviting to your loved ones. The room must withstand the rigors of ...
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  • How to Paint a Popcorn Ceiling

    When freshening up the interior of your home or office with a fresh coat of paint, it can be tempting to skip over cringe-worthy popcorn ceilings. Instead of removing the texture , which can be a ...
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  • Why Are Porch Ceilings Painted Blue?

    There are few architectural details that are more charming than a porch, which is the perfect place to relax on summer's day with a cool drink, good book, or pleasant company. How you choose to ...
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  • How to Remove Popcorn Ceiling That Has Been Painted

    Through the mid-70 and 80’s, popcorn ceilings became the rage in many homes across the country. Often referred to as stucco, cottage cheese, or acoustical ceilings, people installed these surfaces to ...
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  • Painting a Room: Where Should I Start?

    Applying a fresh coat of paint is an inexpensive, effective way to change the look and feel of any room, and it can usually be completed in a weekend. The key to success for any do-it-yourself project ...
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  • How to Whitewash Wood

    Easy and economical, whitewashing wood isn’t just for farmsteads anymore. For those looking for an alternative to paint or stain and a touch of added flair, whitewashed wood can add a clean, bright ...
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  • How to Touch Up Scuffed Walls

    Nothing can ruin an otherwise perfect paint job like unsightly scuffs. However, before you resort to repainting, you may want to try cleaning or touching up the affected areas. The success of your ...
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  • How to Cut in Like a Professional Painter

    Nothing transforms the look of a room like a fresh coat of paint, and nothing can ruin your new paint job like a messy application. If you're up for the challenge of a DIY project but would like ...
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