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  • Don't Let Messy Trim Ruin Your New Paint Job

    Nothing can transform the look and feel of your home like a new coat of paint, and nothing can ruin your new paint job like messy trim. Here are some tips from the experts at ProTect Painters for ...
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  • Garage Floor Epoxy vs. Paint: How to Choose

    A finished floor can take your garage from dingy storage space to spectacular. On the other hand, finishing concrete isn't the easiest job in the world. Plus, most garage floors must be able to ...
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  • Best Businesses for Veterans

    Memorial Day is an important United States holiday, recognizing the greatest of sacrifices - the laying down of one's life to protect the lives of fellow countrymen. Our tradition of giving honor to ...
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  • How to Paint Interior Brick

    Brick can add loads of charm and character to your indoor living space, but it can also make it appear outdated or dark depending on the age, condition, and color of the material. If the brick in your ...
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  • Should I Paint or Stain My Fence?

    Whether you have a new fence that's ready for a topcoat or your old fence is in need of attention, deciding whether to paint or stain is a common stumbling block for homeowners. Each has their pros ...
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  • Cute Stencils for Your New Nursery

    Second only to finding just the right furniture pieces for your nursery, such as a crib, changing table, or rocking chair, your choice of wall color will make the biggest impact on the overall feel of ...
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  • How to Paint Trees on the Wall

    There is no better place to express your unique sense of style than at home, where everything from your choice of furniture to wall color tells a story. If you're looking to make even more of an ...
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  • Gender Neutral Colors for Your Nursery

    Choosing whether or not to find out the gender of your baby is a personal decision, but if you opt to be surprised it can be much more challenging to decorate the nursery in time for your new arrival. ...
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  • Best Paint Colors for Your Nursery

    Every new mom wants only the best for her baby. New families often celebrate their newly arrived member by decorating the nursery, choosing soothing and supportive colors. Nursery decor helps to ...
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  • Is It OK to Paint While Breastfeeding?

    With the new addition to your family you may be tempted to make some additional changes around your home, including updating your furnishings or accessories , or refreshing your walls with a new coat ...
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