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  • Discovery Channel's Garage Rehab

    Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that Discovery Channel is one of cable’s leading networks in providing unique and exciting shows to our TV lives. Hits include Fast N Loud, Deadliest ...
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  • Create the Perfect Study Space

    The start of the school year brings about a sense of enthusiasm, anticipation, and a maybe a bit of anxiety for your child. You can help alleviate this angst by creating the perfect workstation and ...
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  • Your Paneling is Outdated and Needs Painting ASAP

    Starting in the 1950s, and on through the 70s, the installation of paneling on the interior walls became very trendy. Many homeowners gravitated toward wood paneling because of the material’s ...
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  • Pressure Wash Your Fence For A Clean Slate

    If you're on the fence about using a pressure washer, read this blog! Power washing your fence or home is easier than you thought. The best time to wash your fence is in the morning or evening when it ...
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  • 12 Reasons Why You Should Hire Five Star Painting®

    There are a lot of options out there when it comes to hiring a painting company to work in your house. That's why we compiled this list of 12 reasons why you should hire (and trust!) Five Star ...
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  • Chalkboard Planters for Your Front Porch

    Looking for a fun and easy to finish in one day craft project? We found one that all ages and all skill levels can enjoy... Painted Planters! We tried our hand at using chalkboard paint and could not ...
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  • Safe Craft Paints for Kids to Use

    Five Star Painting knows when it comes to your little ones, you’ll do anything to keep them safe. Painting is a wonderful creative outlet for children of all ages, but is their paint safe? Give your ...
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  • Garage Organization Tips

    For many homeowners, besides being a place to park their vehicles, their garages also served as an extension of the home, and have a variety of secondary functions, such as a workshop, additional ...
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  • Paint an Accent Wall for National Decorating Month

    Do you feel the need to redecorate your home? If so, you have picked the right time-April is National Decorating Month! Whether that means remodeling your home or just adding a new accent piece to a ...
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  • Is it worth it to completely switch to eco-friendly paint?

    A fresh coat of paint enhances the aesthetic quality of your home quickly, and it is fast and affordable. Like many homeowners, you may have concerns about the effect of traditional paints on the ...
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