Residential Painting Services

If you moved into an older home and inherited its existing paint job, you may have given some thought over the years of changing up the paint. Even if you painted your home yourself a while ago, your tastes may have changed, or you may have decided on a totally new color scheme. That’s where Five Star Painting can help. Let us consult with you on the best colors for your home.

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Help From the Painting Experts

Painting yourself can be messy, difficult, and time-consuming, plus you need to buy all of the materials. It's often a better move to get professional help. That can help ensure you get a good outcome. Also, letting professionals handle the work saves you a lot of time and stress. At Five Star Painting, we know the right types and brands of paint to use for different surfaces and styles.

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Cabinetry Repainting Services

The process of repainting cabinets is similar to house painting. For cabinet refinishing, though, it's even more imperative that you work with a team of professionals. Refinishing cabinets is harder than painting walls as it involves doing messier work and has higher stakes if it goes wrong because of how expensive cabinets are to replace.

We'll work hard to get a much more even and careful result, especially if you do not have prior experience with this kind of work. Five Star Painting has worked with residential painters and cabinet refinishers in Douglasville for years, so we would be happy to guide you to the right crew for your needs. We’ll match you with a team of contractors who can help make your vision become reality.

Repainting is a fun and exciting way to refresh your kitchen or bathroom by altering and upgrading the look of the cabinetry. Make sure to consider how combining refinishing and painting can totally redo multiple rooms at once for a dramatic effect on the overall look of the place.

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