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Looking around your home and wish there was something you could do with those dated cabinets? Choosing to have them professionally painted can certainly do the trick - and for a fraction of the cost of new cabinets.

We're customer-focused and quality-driven. Our company motto is at the center of everything we do.

At Five Star Painting of Jonesborough, we:

  • Are backed by a great reputation in our community
  • Commit to staying on time and sticking to your budget.
  • Warranty our cabinet painting services for two years.

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What Are the Benefits of Professional Cabinet Painting?

Kitchen with white counters and blue cabinets

In short, cabinet painting is easy, cost-effective, and can completely enliven a home.

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Cabinet Painting is the Easy Way to Renovate

Cabinetry is an investment that can last a long time when properly updated. At Five Star Painting of Jonesborough, we work with property owners and property managers to ensure they get a complete upgrade without the big price tag.

Want to get the most bang for your buck? We're the Jonesborough cabinet painting company to turn to for a free estimate. You'll see very quickly from the price we offer that the total cost of renewing your cabinets is far less than buying new ones.

Cabinet Painting Can Make Your Cabinets Look Like New

Are your cabinets old? Even if they are decades old, our cabinet painting services can still make them look as good as new.

In one instance - some home buyers were attracted to a house largely due to a spacious, modern kitchen. The cabinets were nearly 40 years old but had been painted a trendy, modern gray.

This made the whole kitchen stand out and, consequently the whole house, as these buyers bought the home.

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We're All About Creating Beautifully Refinished Cabinets

Five Star Painting of Jonesborough sends you experienced painters who know how to craft beautiful results for a broad range of cabinet styles.

We offer a level of workmanship and attention to detail that's unmatched in our industry.

The local cabinet painters we work with can refresh:

  • Built-in cabinets,
  • Shelving units, and
  • Stand-alone display cases.

We can restore different types of cabinetry, including products made of MDF and wood. We're your local cabinet painting experts. We'll know exactly how to update your cabinets with new paint.

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There Are Advantages to Renewing Existing Cabinetry

Why rip out those high-quality cabinets when a coat of paint can take care of the changes you're looking for? We know from years of experience that renovating your space doesn't need to be expensive.

We can provide you with Jonesborough cabinets painters who are skilled at getting the job done the right way. Your décor dreams can come to life with our help.

We recommend renewing over replacing because it's:

  • Convenient. Refinishing doesn't require the mess of pulling out old cabinets or waiting weeks for replacement cabinets to arrive from a factory.
  • Cost-effective. Paint is an inexpensive yet durable material that can completely transform the look of your cabinets.
  • Customizable. You pick the color you want. Cabinet manufacturers offer a limited number of finishes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do professionally painted cabinets last?

If your cabinets are painted by pros and are maintained after - they should last 8 to 10 years.

How should we clean and maintain our cabinets?

Person wearing pink glove and using green cloth to clean a cabinet door

First things first, you should clean up spills, splatters, and messes immediately. Kitchens are one of the most frequently-used rooms in your home so messes are bound to happen.

Especially when making pasta, it's easy for sauce to splatter on your cabinets! Just be quick to clean up those types of messes.

Now - when it comes to actually cleaning your cabinets, we'd recommend:

  • Using paint-safe cleaning solutions
  • Avoid cleaning products with citrus, silicone, petroleum, wax, and ammonia
  • Test any cleaning products on the back of a cabinet door or drawer
  • Use a soft, damp cloth to clean your cabinets (microfiber cloths are perfect!)
  • When cleaning with a cloth, do so in a graceful circular motion
  • When you're finished, avoid hanging the damp cloth on the cabinet doors or drawers

Have any other questions about our cabinet painting services? Reach out to us online ! We're happy to help.

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