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Cabinet Painting Services

Paint or Stain Can Make Cabinets Look Great

If you have been thinking about getting new cabinets installed in your home but have put it off because of the cost, consider updating your old cabinets. You can achieve great looking cabinets by having paint or stain applied to them. Five Star Painting works with painting professionals who can give your cabinets a new look.

Update Your Cabinets at a Fraction of the Cost of New Ones

Purchasing new cabinets can be expensive. The area where you plan to install the cabinets may need to be altered to make new cabinets fit. If you are not skilled at installing cabinets, you will also pay for labor. To avoid those extra costs, consider painting or staining your current cabinets. If you think that painting cabinets means just haphazardly slapping some color on to cover dirt or stains, think again. The paint teams that we work with know how to use paint to turn your cabinets into something beautiful. You won’t believe that they are the same cabinets.

Call us at (865) 270-6454 to find out how we can breathe new life into your old cabinets.

Any Cabinets in Your Home Can Be Painted or Stained

Painting or staining is not just for kitchen cabinets. Five Star Painting can make arrangements for a paint team to give cabinets anywhere in your home a new look. You can have cabinets in any of the following rooms updated with paint or stain:

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Garage
  • Basement
  • Laundry room
  • Playroom

Painting Cabinets Is a Popular Way to Update a Kitchen When Selling a Home

If you watch home improvement shows, you have probably seen the results of painting cabinets. It is an economical way to remodel a kitchen or other room prior to putting a house on the market, and the results can be stunning. In fact, if your current cabinets are constructed of high-quality materials, painting or staining them makes sense because either choice can preserve the cabinets while adding character and value.

Interested in cabinet painting? Call us at (865) 270-6454 to learn more.

Large kitchen with wood floors, an island in the middle and off white cabinets.
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