Room with wooden furniture, wooden floor, and white accents

Window Trim and Valances

Window trim is the trim work situated along the border of a window. It gives windows a conventional level of style and harmonization with the rest of a space.

Window valances are drapery or a form of treatment on the uppermost part of the interior side of a window, ranging from fabric hung from a rod to decorative boards. Valances soften the look of windows and can be coordinated with a room’s color scheme or furniture fabric.

The right kind of window trim and valances work together to make the windows themselves stand out. The sharpness and preciseness of window trim can be balanced with the soothing look from valances to create a complete design. Valances especially can make windows a remarkable piece that reflects a well designed room.

Living room with wooden accents and pale yellow walls

The windows in the above room feature boarded valances and solidify the modern look of the room.

Couches in a living room in front of four windows

Below is an example of a draped valance showcasing a traditional southern look.

Kitchen sink in front of a window

Choose Us to Install Window Trim and Valances

Some of our favorite projects are laying decorative trim and molding. Five Star Painting can install pre-fabricated moldings like you find at Home Depot or Lowe’s or create custom trim specifically for you and your home.

No matter what styles or tastes you have, we can help you achieve the look you want for your home. Check out our service page for more information about the molding services we provide.

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Feel free to call us at 571-620-6091 to receive a free estimate to install trim and moldings in your home today!

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