What Will My Project Cost?

As with any professionally done project, there is a price attached to getting it done right. In the painting industry it is often true that you get what you pay for. A cheaper price often equals more headaches on the back-end.

A great finished product requires attention to detail and a skilled, steady hand. It also requires someone to manage the job effectively to ensure a headache-free experience for you.

At Five Star, we believe in providing excellent value at the best possible price. We are happy to talk to you about your project budget and provide you with a variety of options to help you stay within that price.

Know exactly how much your home painting project will cost with a free quote.

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How Are Prices Determined?

At Five Star, we use square foot pricing to determine the cost of the project. This way you can rest assured that the amount of paint purchased is correct, and that your prices aren’t being adjusted based on where you live or the the cars in your driveway. Whether you live in a modest fixer upper or a high-end mansion, we charge the same price per square foot. Prices are based on industry standards and national and local averages.

Why Should I Pay To Have My Home Painted?

Painting is one of the most cost effective ways to immediately improve the look and feel of your Northern Virginia home.

An exterior paint job protects the investment you’ve already made in your home by sealing out moisture which can cause wood rot and decay, pests, mold, and mildew. It can also increase curb appeal.

An interior job is an extension of you. Finding the right colors to fit your personality and lifestyle can make you feel great. We offer free consultations with an interior designer to help you pick the perfect palette.

By hiring Five Star Painting, you can have the look and feel you want without all the time and hassle of doing it yourself. You can feel more confident in your color choices and and be assured a stress-free experience as our talented painters and project managers take care of the preparation, production, and clean up of your project.

Is It Worth It To Repaint If I Am Selling The House?

A quality paint job can actually increase the value of your home by up to 20%. According to Home Gain’s Sale Calculator (a realty calculator), if you sell your home you can recoup 100% of your painting cost, with a 48% further return on your investment. This means that a paint job worth $5,000 can increase the value of your D.C. area home by $7,400!

What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept?

Five Star Painting accepts payments in a variety of formats:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express)
  • Additionally, we are proud to offer no interest financing plans for up to 12 months.