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Refreshed Cabinets Energize Your Space

Storage solutions, including cabinets and shelves, can be found all over your home, and that’s why it is important to keep them looking their best. These organizational wonders keep homes tidy and protect valuable possessions. They can also be a beautiful asset, however, with a lovely stain or bold paint coating.

Some of the Storage Solutions You May Find in Your Home Include:

  • Kitchen cabinets and shelves
  • Bathroom cabinets and drawers
  • Built-in shelves, display cases and entertainment centers
  • Closet shelves, cubes and other storage
  • Garage racks and shelving units

The optimum material and method for refinishing will vary depending on the location of the storage units in question. This is primarily due to differences in exposure to humidity, temperature and cleaning methods.

Paint chosen for use in bathrooms must be able to handle the frequent foggy conditions that arise during showers, and paint near sinks and stoves should be able to withstand splatter and frequent cleaning.

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Vibrant Paint Colors or Stunning Stains

If you like to see the natural wood grain of your cabinetry, then a stain will likely be the best choice for you. Stains come in a multitude of color tones that fit many design styles while not covering up the intrinsic nature of wood storage solutions.

From dark ashen grays to bright cherry reds, a new stain color on your cabinets can totally revive the look of your room. For even more color choices, paints can match nearly any shade your heart desires.

Do you want a baby blue or pink color to embellish the shelves in your nursery? How about a deep gray for your modern monochrome kitchen island? Whichever shade you have in mind, we want to make it a reality.

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