Residential Wallpaper Removal Service in Medina, OH, & surrounding areas

Whether you moved into a home that already had wallpaper or are just ready to remove wallpaper you installed yourself, you should consider professional wallpaper removal services. At Five Star Painting of Medina, we use precise wallpaper removal techniques to protect the underlying wall from damage. We also provide adhesive remediation, clean-up, wall prep, and interior painting services. If you’re planning a home renovation or remodel and are looking for an experienced wallpaper removal service in Medina, OH, call us today to schedule a consultation. We will remove all traces of wallpaper and adhesive and prime your walls for painting or new wallpaper installation. 

Furnished bedroom after Five Star Painting wallpaper removal service.

When Should You Remove Wallpaper?

There are many reasons to remove wallpaper from your walls. Our team of wallpaper removal professionals can handle any wallpaper removal project. We recommend wallpaper removal if you: 

  • Are tired of the existing wallpaper in your home 
  • Just moved into a new house and don’t like the installed wallpaper 
  • Are planning to sell your home and want to make it more marketable 
  • Are planning a home remodel or renovation 
  • Have outdated wallpaper 
  • Notice wallpaper damage, mold or mildew, or water damage 
  • Want to install new wallpaper 
  • Would rather paint the walls than have wallpaper 
  • Installed the wallpaper incorrectly or selected low-quality wallpaper and aren’t happy with the appearance

Why Consider Professional Wallpaper Removal 

Hiring our professionals for wallpaper removal services guarantees that the job will be done correctly the first time. We protect and preserve your wall and ensure all traces of wallpaper and adhesive are safely and completely removed. We have professional tools, equipment, and techniques that do the job faster than if you tried DIY wallpaper removal. The biggest benefits of choosing professional wallpaper remover services are: 

  • Reduced risk of damage to walls 
  • Complete wallpaper and wallpaper adhesive removal 
  • Save time and prevent stress 
  • Don’t have to worry about post-removal clean-up 
  • Wall prep and priming will be done for you so the wall is ready to paint 
  • Maintain the value and beauty of your home by avoiding property damage 

Our Wallpaper Removal Technique 

We use time-tested and proven wallpaper removal techniques that leave no traces of wallpaper or wallpaper adhesive behind. Once the wallpaper is fully removed, we will prepare the wall for the next step, whether painting or installing new wallpaper. We will carefully inspect your walls before we begin and consider key factors when designing our wallpaper removal plan: 

  • How was the wallpaper installed initially? 
  • What condition is the wallpaper in currently? 
  • How long has the wallpaper been installed? 
  • What adhesive was used to apply the wallpaper 
  • Has the wallpaper been painted over? 
  • Was the wall sealed or primed before the wallpaper was installed? 
  • What are your plans for the wall after the wallpaper is removed? 

We have extensive experience in all wallpaper removal techniques and can save you time and money by avoiding trial and error or guesswork. 

Why Choose Five Star Painting of Medina 

At Five Star Painting of Medina, we aim to make home improvement projects stress- and hassle-free for homeowners. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who are committed to quality workmanship and exceptional customer service. We treat your home as our own and leave it in better condition than we found it. We offer cost-effective, professional home improvement services, including interior and exterior painting, pressure washing, cabinet painting and refinishing, popcorn ceiling removal, wallpaper installation, and wallpaper removal. We work efficiently yet precisely to minimize inconvenience or downtime and guarantee an amazing result. We are proud to be a member of the Neighborly family of home service professionals. If you need a service we don’t offer we can refer you to another local Neighborly company. 

Schedule a Consultation for Wallpaper Removal 

Our team of wallpaper removal professionals will get the job done correctly, safely, and efficiently so that your walls are left in perfect condition. Whether you want to paint or install new wallpaper, you can feel confident knowing that your walls will be cleaned, primed, and ready for the next step in your home improvement project. Call us today or contact us online to schedule an estimate or make an appointment for wallpaper removal services in Medina, Hudson, Fairlawn, or Akron, OH.  

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