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Get a professional look with paint! If you have owned your commercial building for several years, you may not notice how worn the paint appears. An old-looking paint job does not speak well for your business.

When customers see a seemingly neglected structure, they may wonder if the business is legitimate. At Five Star Painting of Newtown, we're business owners like you. Thus, our Newtown painters know the importance of giving your building a professional appearance.

Commercial Building Painting Requires Experience

The Newtown paint contractors who work with us are experienced in painting commercial structures. We select these contractors for their expertise. They'll be able to apply paint that will accentuate your building.

Our commercial painters near Newtown, PA have demonstrated the ability to work with a wide range of commercial clients.

Some of the commercial buildings our painters in Newtown can paint include:

  • Childcare centers
  • Educational facilities
  • Health care facilities
  • Fitness centers
  • Houses of worship
  • Retail stores
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels

A Commercial Building Painting Team Is a Logical Choice

You can save time and money by having our experienced Newtown commercial painters deal with your building. Trying to hire painters on your own requires a lot of time. You'd want to check references and perhaps visit other buildings they'd completed.

There's no need to do the vetting yourself when we can match you with a painting team that has a proven track record. We can find the right contractors to handle your commercial painting job efficiently.

The Paint Team Should Take Care of the Clean Up

When you hire some paint contractors, they expect you to clean up after the job is complete. However, that should not be your obligation.

The paint crews we work with know how important it is to leave your space clean so you can quickly resume business as usual. You can expect a professional paint job and a tidy area when they leave.

Our Goal Is to Help Your Location Look Great

We are business people, so we understand how important it is to make a good impression on your customers. Your commercial building's exterior is the first thing people see. An opinion formed at a glance is often how they view your business. Let our commercial building painting team in Newtown help you get your space looking good as new.

Commercial Painting | FAQs

How often should you paint a commercial building?

Your building should be painted every 3 to 5 years.

A more precise time frame depends on a few factors, like:

  • The quality of the current exterior paint job
  • Your commercial building's exposure to the sun
  • The type of siding your building has

Our winters in Newtown, PA can be pretty harsh with rain and snow. As such, it's important to stay on top of routine exterior painting. Doing so will help ensure your building is protected against harsh weather and other natural elements.

How can I tell when my building needs a new exterior paint job?

You'll want to walk around your building and look for any signs of paint failure.

Paint failure includes any paint that is:

  • Peeling
  • Cracking
  • Chipping
  • Fading
  • Bubbling or blistering

Peeling paint, for instance, leaves your exteriors exposed to potential damage from natural elements. Failed exterior paint can also be unsightly to potential customers.

Want to protect your building and make an amazing impression on the community? Call us to get started on your new paint job! The commercial building painters we work with are eager to serve you.

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