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Did you know you can change the personality of your home through exterior paint? You might be surprised at how different and stunning the exterior of your home can look with new paint. Maybe you don't want to go with a drastic change, and you simply want to bring the original color back to life.

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Our exterior painters in Newtown can create the look you want to achieve. Do you have a vision of what you want or need some help with colors? Our Newtown painters can get the job done beautifully!

The team at Five Star Painting of Newtown is here to paint your home's exterior and beyond. For more information on what exteriors we can paint, call ustoday at (215) 337-2316!

Paint That Can Get Your House Ready for the Market

Curb appeal is a very real factor. Ask any real estate agent. Selling your home is always far easier when it looks good. If your home's exterior paint is fading or peeling? This tells prospective buyers they'll need to paint the outside of the house or pay someone to have it done.

For buyers with limited resources, having to find the money for painting can be a deal-breaker. However, if you work with our Newtown exterior painters, you can get an amazing exterior paint job!

A brand new exterior paint job can:

  • Help your home stand out to prospective buyers,
  • Show that you've taken care of your home,
  • Help boost your home's curb appeal and value, and
  • Put your prospective buyers at ease knowing the painting is done!

Our Team of Professional Painters are Here to Help

Five Star Painting is a leader in the area when it comes to exterior painting. We work with a variety of different homes and have the experience to provide you with any painting services you may need. We have high standards for the exterior house painters we work with.

Our painting contractors not only have to know their trade really well, but they also have to have maintain professional manner at all times. Our team takes pride in our work and we're sure you'll love your new paint by the time its complete!

Paint Additional Structures Around Your Property

Do you have a deck, detached garage, shed, gazebo, or other structure that needs new paint? Our exterior painters near Newtown, PA can paint it!

Painting trims, shutters, outside buildings, and other structures can help:

  • Complement your home,
  • Enhance your home's appearance, and
  • Help increase your property's value.

Buyers get excited when they see other structures, like a detached garage, on a property. Just think what an amazing, new coat of paint would communicate to prospective buyers.

Frequent Exterior Painting Questions

Exterior painting is more than just making your house look amazing. While that’s certainly part of it, exterior painting also protects your home and exterior siding from rain and other harsh elements from the weather.

Consequently, keeping your exteriors routinely painted will help prolong the lifespan of your siding. To that end, your exterior should be repainted every 7 to 10 years.

How Long Has It Been Since It's Been Painted?

Typically, houses need to be repainted every 5 to 10 years. This ultimately depends on the climate, your exposure to the sun, your home’s siding, and the quality of the existing paint job.

Are there any rules for choosing the right paint?

Choosing a paint color for your house can be tough. The right color can improve the outer appearance of your house or brighten up a room inside your home, creating the change you are looking for.

Five Star Painting of Newtown’s color experts can help you find the best color for any room in your house. It’s important to take hue, value, and intensity of each color into account. Looking to learn more about finding the right paint color? Contact Five Star Painting of Newtown today!

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