Professional Brick Painting and Treatment Services in Oak Lawn, IL

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When you want to transform the look of your brick surfaces, choose brick painting treatments.  

Five Star Painting of Oak Lawn offers professional brick painting and treatments in Oak Lawn, IL. Our service professionals can change the look of outdated bricks with our unique treatments. We will help you choose the best colors and styles for your home. Reach out to us today to learn more about our brick painting and treatment services.

Brick painting treatments from Five Star Painting.

Customized Brick Paints & Treatments

Our team can help you choose the best brick paints, stains, and treatments for your brick surfaces. Bricks are porous, so it’s important we help them stay healthy. Our painting and treatment services help lower the risk of moisture damage to your bricks. Mineral paints and limewashing are some of the most popular choices for brick painting treatments. Other masonry paints and treatments we offer include: 

  • Stylish whitewashing 
  • Italian mineral paint 
  • Elastomeric coatings 
  • Prime/seal brick and tap coat with latex 
  • Classic Italian limewashing 
  • Brick staining and tinting 

Limewash & Whitewash Services 

Limewash treatments use crushed limestone particles to create a matte, chalky look and feel for your brick. You can choose tinted or white limestone for a unique look. Whitewash treatments create a thin layer of paint using a water-based paint-and-water solution. This allows some of the natural brick to show through for a gorgeous look. Our team can help you choose the best treatment to fit your style goals. 

Why Should I Choose Brick Painting? 

Brick painting provides a beautiful look that can withstand exterior elements. Some of the many benefits of brick home painting services include the following:  

Brightens the Style 

Our team can help brighten the look of your home with a fresh coat of paint on the bricks. We can help make your home stand out with a unique color or modern design. 

Protection From the Elements 

Bricks are durable surfaces built to withstand pests and weather. We give your bricks a boost in protection with brick painting and treatments.  

Enhances Property Value 

We help boost your property value with a fresh coat of brick paint. You get boosted curb appeal and enhanced property value in one treatment.  

Professional Brick Painting Service Process    

Our experienced professionals know the best way to paint and treat your surfaces. It’s essential to hire professionals who understand how to work with bricks. Our team helps you understand our process and ensures we meet your needs. Our professional brick painting process includes the following:  

  • We pressure wash your bricks and surfaces to safely eliminate grime, debris, and dirt. 
  • After your bricks dry, our team will examine the surfaces for any cracks and gaps, and then fill them.  
  • We professionally apply a formulated primer to the brick’s surface that is specially made for masonry. 
  • Our service professionals thoroughly apply uniform coats of paint being careful not to trap any moisture.   
  • We finish the job by cleaning and inspecting the area to ensure we meet your style goals.   

Why Choose Five Star Painting of Oak Lawn?  

Five Star Painting of Oak Lawn is your trusted local team for brick painting and treatments. We love the look and added protection of brick painting. Our team is committed to upgrading your home’s exterior with unique treatments. Our company uses high-quality Behr and Sherwin-Williams paints for our painting projects. We can come to your home to offer an estimate on our brick painting treatments. Our service professionals always put your painting needs first.   

Contact Us Today for Brick Painting Services   

Five Star Painting of Oak Lawn provides complete painting solutions for Oak Lawn, Alsip, and Evergreen Park, IL. We work with you to ensure we meet your style goals. If your brick is outdated, or you want a new style, talk to us about brick painting solutions. We can paint your interior or exterior bricks. Our design team is committed to transforming the look and feel of your services with customized treatments. Whether you love neutral brick colors or want to go wild with color, our team is ready for the job. Reach out to us today to schedule professional brick painting services or to get an estimate on any of our painting services. 

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