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Professional Deck & Fence Staining Services

Outdoor living spaces often have beautiful and functional decks and fences. If the paint is fading on your decks and fences, or you need a new look, trust our team to take care of it. Five Star Painting of Oak Lawn offersprofessional residential decks and fence painting services in Oak Lawn, IL. Our service professionals will help you choose the best paint or stain that fits the needs of your deck or fence. Fence and deck boards may get splotchy, rot, or fade over time. We professionally apply a fresh coat of paint to ensure they look brand new. Contact us today to get an estimate on our deck and fence painting services.  

Deck after being painted by Five Star Painting.

Complete Deck & Fence Refinishing Services  

Our team goes beyond a fresh coat of paint to provide comprehensive deck and fence painting services. We can apply a new coat of paint, stain your wood, wash off the mildew, and replace damaged boards. Some of our manyrefinishing services include the following:   

  • Painting 
  • Staining 
  • Pressure washing 
  • Wood replacement 
  • Wood repair 
  • Concrete cleaning 
  • Deck restoration   

Our Deck and Fence Painting Process  

Five Star of Oak Lawn follows a specific process to boost the lifespan of your fence or deck painting services. Our fence and deck painting and staining process includes the following:  

  • We meet at your home to discuss the best types of paint colors and stains for your deck or fence and offer an estimate for our services. 
  • Our service professionals prepare the area, including cleaning, power washing, sanding, and restoring. 
  • We prime the area if we are painting the fence or deck. 
  • We professionally apply the stain or paint to the surface. 
  • Our team will inspect our work and ensure it is up to your standards.   

The Importance of Deck & Fence Stain Maintenance  

You can increase the lifespan of your deck or fence paint and stain by properly maintaining it. We should professionally wash it at least once yearly. Our team recommends fresh coats of stain or paint touchups every one to four years. Stain or paint on vertical services usually holds up longer because they do not have foot traffic or hold as much moisture.   

How to Choose a Deck or Fence Stain Finish  

Fence and deck stains have multiple types of finishes to ensure you love the look. We can help you choose the best stain to fit the needs of your home. Our types of stain finishes include the following:  

  • Transparent or TranslucentTranslucent stains allow the most natural wood grain look for your fence or deck. Most transparent stain finishes will penetrate deep into your deck or fence boards since they are typically oil-based.  
  • Semi-TransparentSemi-transparent stain finishes allow some wood grain to show through the stain. These stain finishes are water-based, and we won’t need to remove the previous coatings. Semi-transparent stains are offered in multiple colors to fit your style preferences. 
  • SolidSolid stains completely cover your wood grain. Most solid stains are highly durable and water-based. Our team can create almost any color of solid stain. 

Benefits of Deck & Fence Stain or Paint 

Fence and deck paint or stain give your outdoor living space a fresh look. You can enjoy a glossy, dark style or a lighter, bright style. Deck and fence stain is an excellent way to boost the lifespan of your boards and help them look excellent. We recommend choosing a darker paint color if you want to eliminate the look of dirt and stains. We will help you choose the best color if your deck is in direct sunlight. You will fall in love with the look and feel of deck and fence stain or paint. 

Why Choose Five Star Painting of Oak Lawn?  

Five Star Painting of Oak Lawn provides comprehensive painting and staining services in Oak Lawn, Alsip, and Evergreen Park, IL. Let our service professionals help you choose a beautiful paint or stain color that fits your dreams. Our team always correctly and gently applies deck and fence stains. We recommend fence and deck stain maintenance to keep them in optimal health. Our service professionals are always here to guide you through the fence and deck staining process.  

Contact Five Star Painting of Oak Lawn 

Five Star Painting of Oak Lawn offers many different types of stains and paint to fit your style goals. We want you to love your outdoor living space. We can do everything from painting the interior of your home to applying stain to your fence. We are here for your painting needs. Contact us today to request an estimate on our residential deck and fence painting services. 

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