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Build a Strong Brand Identity With the Right Paint

In a commercial setting, the colors you use greatly affect how your customers view you. Five Star Painting knows the importance of getting paint right for professional buildings. We can help you find the correct shades to meet corporate color guidelines, or we can provide some suggestions about color schemes that might suit your business needs.

Enjoy Prompt and Effective Service

We understand that it may be impossible to shut down an entire facility when you are busy running a business. The manager for your painting project will talk to you about your schedule and requirements. We'll help you make decisions, and we'll find the right painters for your job. You may be able to get the area redone during off hours or select minimally invasive painting methods that will not seriously disrupt your daily routine. Regardless of what type of schedule you select, we'll do our best to see that the painters finish on time and let you get back to your normal affairs.

How Can Five Star Painting Improve Your Professional Presence?

The services we offer can be very advantageous for commercial properties, and the work we've done has benefited many types of businesses. Our broad assortment of projects has included clients in the fields of:

  • Property management: Five Star Painting provides a wide range of single-unit and building-wide opportunities for condos and apartments.
  • Health care: Our ability to apply germ-resistant paints and industrial-strength coatings could help keep a facility sanitary.
  • Gyms and fitness centers: We can paint tricky spots like locker rooms and pool rooms, and we also offer floor coatings and paints appropriate for gyms and courts.
  • Industrial buildings: Five Star Painting has experience with food preparation facilities, chemical processing concerns, power stations and other types of industrial settings that require rigorous care.
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“Our vision is to capture your dreams and enhance your lifestyle by adding color to your world!”

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