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Baseboards add a finishing touch to any interior home design. They are planks that are installed along the bottom of a wall where it meets the floor to protect the wall surface from kicks, scrapes, and more.

Baseboards also serve as a decorative molding and come in a variety of materials that can complement your floors and wall color. For example, they can range from square-edged boards tacked into the wall-floor joint to designs carved into the length of the molding.

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Types of Baseboards We Can Install

No matter the baseboard style, our service experts can install it. The materials we service include vinyl, rubber, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), medium density fiberboard (MDF), jointed pine, and hardwoods.

Each type has its own set of benefits and disadvantages. Explore our table below to learn about each one:

Baseboard Type


Recommended Uses


PVC is a type of plastic molding that won’t chip, crack, or rot. It’s also the least expensive type of baseboard.

PVC baseboards are perfect for areas that are moist or wet since it can be sealed to the flooring to trap water.


Vinyl is made out of synthetic material that is water and termite resistant. Vinyl is held in place with industrial strength glue, making it durable.

Vinyl works where moisture may be an issue, such as a below-ground room, and in spaces with heavy foot traffic.


Rubber is a bit more expensive than vinyl, but it provides complete protection from moisture. It also provides great insulation all year round by preventing hot or cold air from leaking in through base cracks.

Rubber is suitable for environments with possible moisture and/or drafts along the floor line.


MDF is inexpensive and is a popular baseboard option. It is an artificial wood product made by combining wood fibers with pressure treatment. Keep in mind that this material has no natural wood grain, so it won’t stain very well. Although it’s moisture resistant, it is still susceptible to warping if it comes in direct contact with water.

Use in spaces free from moisture and where you plan to paint (not stain) the boards.

Jointed pine

This baseboard type is the least expensive natural wood material. Knots and warping are not an issue since it usually comes pre-primed.

Pine is not suitable for areas with moisture and doesn’t stain well, though it can be easily painted.


Hardwoods like oak and maple are great options if you’re looking for baseboards that can be stained. However, they are significantly more expensive than jointed pine and MDF. They are also very durable and sturdy.

Hardwood boards can be installed anywhere indoors and should be stained or painted to protect the wood for years of beautiful service.

Need Your Baseboard Repaired?

Baseboards are bound to get chipped or damaged regardless of how careful you are. Thankfully, your local Five Star Painting can remedy the problem.

The following questions can help pinpoint if you’re in need of repair:

  • Are the seams between the baseboard molding and wall full of blotchy paint or uneven paint lines?
  • Are your baseboards riddled with scuffs and dents?

If you answered yes to these questions, let us help. Whatever damage your baseboards have incurred, our team can fix it.

How Much Does Baseboard Work Cost?

There are different factors that can affect the cost of baseboard installation or repair. Some of those include the price of the baseboards themselves, site preparation, and disposal of any materials.

It’s important for our technicians to first inspect your space before we can provide an accurate evaluation. Keep in mind that we offer free estimates, so don’t hesitate to contact your local Five Star Painting today!

Find Baseboard Installation and Repair Experts in Your Local Area

Hiring a professional service is a must if you want your baseboards to look the best they can be. Our team will create smooth joints and tight corners with confidence and ease. We can also make recommendations about which style and materials are best suited for your walls and flooring.

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FAQs about Baseboard Installation and Repair

Can you install baseboards on curved walls?

The simple answer is yes. Most walls are a little bit crooked and a skilled professional can mount baseboards on tilted, wavy, and crooked walls using best practices. Call a Five Star Painting near you to schedule a home evaluation free of charge. 

Should my baseboard touch the floor?

If your flooring is already in place and leveled, and there are no plans to add carpet, the baseboard can touch the floor. If not, make sure to leave a small, even gap between the bottom of the baseboard molding and the floor just in case you want to add carpet later.

Baseboard installation includes what?

Baseboard installation consists of the following:

  • Inspecting your space
  • Finding the proper equipment and materials
  • Prepping and protecting the area
  • Installing them
  • Setting up and cleaning up  

Contact your local Five Star Painting for help with any type of baseboard installation and repair. Find a location near you!

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