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Give Your Garage a Clean Look with Coated Floors

Let’s face it. Garage floors are dirty. We drive on them, store lawnmowers and muddy shoes on them, and they tend to be the last place we think about when doing our routine house cleaning.  The experts at Five Star Painting have extensive experience in bringing garage floors to life with our professional garage floor painting service. They work efficiently and skillfully to get the job done.

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Benefits of Professional Garage Floor Painting Service

  • Cover and Prevent Stains
  • Conceal Cracks
  • Increase Home Value
  • Improve Overall Appearance
  • Provide Grip to Improve Safety

Too often, garage floors go unnoticed. We use this space to store cars, to test out a new experiment, or to allow the kids to rock out.

Because it’s not directly inside the house, many people skip making the garage look beautiful. They think it takes too much effort or too much money for not enough return. But with Five Star Painting's professional garage floor painting service, you can create a space that is safe, practical, and aesthetically pleasing.

We offer various finishes, including:

Epoxy Coatings – This coating is chemical resistant and comes in multiple colors and acrylic flakes. It is also one of the most affordable floor coatings.

If you are looking to upgrade your garage for your own personal use or to help your home sell more quickly, let Five Star Painting help you achieve your goals. Schedule a FREE estimate and a Five Star Painting estimator will come assess the project and inform you of the design possibilities.

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We Diamond Grind all concrete considered for coating to guarantee a high performance, long-lasting system!
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Services vary by franchised location. Contact your local Five Star Painting for details.
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