Upgrade Your Deck with a Brand-New Coat of Paint

A Newly Painted Deck Can Boost Your Home’s Overall Appeal

At Five Star Painting of Tampa Bay, we believe a gorgeous deck can add tremendous curbside appeal and style of your home. A deck is an extension of your home – providing a space to leisurely relax, chat with guests, and enjoy the outdoor scenery. It can even increase or decrease the value of your property – depending on its condition.

Decks are rising in popularity amongst homeowners across America. As walls and formal living spaces disappear, decks have become the vogue gathering space of modern homes. A deck offers many upsides – creating a space to sit and breathe fresh air. However, a deck is exposed to natural elements and needs to be regularly maintained.

A poorly maintained or untreated deck will quickly absorb moisture and deteriorate, leading to:

  • Unsightly cracks
  • Warped and twisted wood
  • Sun discoloration
  • Decayed lignin (the natural adhesive holding wood fibers together)

A quick and inexpensive solution to revitalize a deteriorated deck or protect a brand-new deck is to coat it with fresh, durable, and premium-quality paint. We have the tools, expertise, and techniques to ensure your deck looks its best.

Staining vs. Painting Your Deck

A common dilemma is whether to paint or stain your outdoor deck. There are upsides to both decisions. We recommend considering every factor, including maintenance needs, aesthetic preferences, costs, and feel. Whatever option you choose, Five Star Painting of Tampa Bay is ready to help. Our professional painting and staining specialists are trained, licensed, and insured. We will guide you to the choice that suits your needs and deliver stunning workmanship.

The Upsides of Painting Your Deck

There are countless benefits to gain from painting your deck. Paint will create a clean, uniform appearance that matches and accentuates your home’s architecture and color scheme.

Other advantages include:

  • Durability and easy maintenance  A quality paint job performed by professionals should last approximately ten years before showing significant wear and tear. We will go above and beyond to ensure you won’t need to refinish your deck soon. Stains, on the other hand, should be reapplied every few years to enjoy the same protection.
  • Colorful possibilities – Painting a deck provides homeowners with the creative liberty to explore numerous color options. You can match your home’s exterior or try to imitate a wood veneer. We have the equipment and know-how to actualize whatever deck color design you decide.
  • Hiding flaws – The wood of an old and weathered deck can be beyond the point of renovation or recovery. In such circumstances, painting over the wood will conceal conspicuous flaws. This option can renew the appearance of an old deck and save you money.

The Downsides of Painting a Deck

First and foremost, we always recommend painting or staining a wooden deck. A deck left untreated will rapidly deteriorate – becoming dangerous and unsightly. That said, there are some setbacks to consider with painting a deck.

Knowing these disadvantages can be helpful when deciding if you want to stain your deck instead:

  • Paint traps moisture – Over time, your deck will naturally expand and contract as the temperature and humidity shift. Eventually, even high-quality paint is likely to chip and peel. These inconsistencies will expose the wood – allowing moisture to become trapped underneath.
  • Paint covers the wood’s natural beauty – Painting a deck means covering the beautiful details of the raw wood. Many homeowners prefer the earthy look and natural beauty of wood. Staining can preserve the wood’s unique look while preserving the raw qualities that make it special.
  • Paint is hard to remove – It is difficult, time-consuming, and pricey to remove an entire paint coat from a deck and regain its initial appearance. As a result, deciding to paint a deck means you’ll need to repaint it thenceforth until you replace it.

Why You Want a Professional to Paint Your Deck

It’s always wise to hire an expert painter to paint or stain an exterior deck. Our seasoned painting and staining specialists have the skills and expertise to deliver stunning results.

We will:

  • Help you determine the right paint – Exterior decks are usually painted with oil or latex paints. Latex paints endure hotter temperatures and come in various sheens. Oil-based paints provide better protection against moisture but tend to be shiny and react poorly to high heat.
  • Prep the deck – Our technicians will spray mold deterrents before cleaning, rinsing, and drying the surface. We will replace rotten boards, ensure all nails and screws sit below the surface, and fill any holes with quality wood filler to repel moisture. If necessary, we can even strip the wood’s finish.
  • Preserve & prime the wood – Before adding primer, we will first apply a water-repellant preservative. Applying primer will improve adhesion, increase moisture protection, and prolong the lifespan of your final coat.
  • Paint meticulously – Our painting experts will cover every nook and cranny evenly. We will ensure the final product shows zero visible flaws.

Ready to update your deck with an Old-Italian finish, a vibrant coat of paint, or a classic stain? Whatever you choose, we will remain attentive to your vision, exceed expectations, and guide you every step of the way.