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Did you know professional cabinet painting is enough to enliven your cabinets and the room they're in? That's right; you don't need to deal with the hassle and expense of new cabinets!

Further, cabinet painting is a service we provide year-round. The work is done inside your home and isn't subject to our cold, wintery weather! And for your peace of mind, we'll treat your home as if it were our own. We also warranty our cabinet painting services for two years.

Freshen Up Your Cabinetry With Customization

Want to paint your kitchen cabinets white? Or do you want your cabinets painted a modern grey? At Five Star Painting of Anchorage, we can paint your cabinets whichever color you choose! But if you're struggling to choose the right color, we'd be happy to offer some suggestions.

At Five Star Painting of Anchorage, make it easier than ever to revitalize your living spaces with quality cabinetry. Unless the quality of your cabinets is questionable, you will probably save a lot of money by repainting them.

Customizing the colors of your cabinets increases the ambiance and flow within each room. You can blend the colors of your cabinets with other eye-catching colors in your rooms to create uniformity. Or, you can choose bright colors to make them stand out.

Should I Have My Cabinets Painted or Replaced?

At Five Star Painting of Anchorage, we offer a range of cabinet refinishing and painting options for those who have their heart set on the look of updated models. Our cabinet painters in Anchorage stock a large selection of custom paints and finishes from quality resources you can trust to ensure a pleasing result.

Many cabinets that come from the factory are still lacking that unique virtue that only professional paint can add to accent your living space. Traditional hardwood cabinets of mahogany, oak, hickory, and cherry, can look elegant without appearing too folksy when painted professionally.

Looking for Cabinet Painting Near You? Check out the Types of Cabinetry Eligible for Paint!

Cabinets and shelves in these areas can often benefit from a refreshing:

  • Lofts
  • Basements
  • Bathrooms
  • Closets
  • Kitchens
  • Garages

Cabinet Painting | FAQs

How difficult is it to paint cabinets?

If you try to repaint cabinets yourself, you may wind up damaging the cabinets when trying to uninstall them and be forced to purchase new ones. Cabinets are tricky because the fasteners are intentionally hidden and difficult to access. They are partially glued into place and can be easily broken if you do not have the proper tools and experience.

An entire team is often needed to properly align and set heavy cabinets into place. Stripping away the old paint and preparing the cabinets for custom paint can be tricky, too. Color-matching all the cabinets requires a lot of prompt attention when applying paints before they dry out and change colors. Consider hiring professionals to make the job easier.

Is it cheaper to paint or replace kitchen cabinets?Gorgeous kitchen cabinets painted blue in Anchorage, AK.

It is definitely cheaper to have your cabinets professionally painted! To be more precise, cabinet painting is typically ⅓ - ½ the cost of new cabinets.

Even 30-year-old cabinets can be saved with some new paint! In one instance, some buyers bought their first home largely due to the spacious, modern kitchen. The cabinets were ancient, but the cabinets were painted a calming, modern grey which made the whole kitchen "pop".

Cabinet painted saved the sellers and buyers some money! Yet, both were left with amazing cabinets.

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