Driveway Firework Stain Prevention and Removal Tricks

Photo of a firework exploding in red, white, and blue sparks
Backyard fireworks displays are fun for any firebug you have in your household and are a fitting end to an Independence Day barbecue. However, the stains left on the concrete are not pretty and don’t go away very quickly. Here are some driveway firework stain prevention and removal tricks so you can relax and enjoy the show instead of worrying about what the driveway will look like in the morning.

Photo of a firework exploding in red, white, and blue sparks

Home fireworks shows in the driveway are fun but leave a mess.


Prevention is the key to making cleanup easier. Some recommend a wet piece of plywood serves as a fine surface to light fireworks on and it protects your driveway from unsightly black marks that fireworks leave behind.

Firework going off on a dirty concrete floor

A wet piece of plywood can serve as an effective barrier to prevent fireworks from leaving marks on the concrete.

If the fireworks have already happened and you now have stains on your concrete, there are a few options that will hopefully do the trick in removing those marks from your driveway.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is a great way to remove stains from the concrete. Be careful not to get the tip of the washer gun too close to the surface of the concrete or you will risk damaging the concrete. Try to keep the end of the pressure washer at least a foot away from the concrete.


Using a 3:1 ratio of water and chlorine bleach mix, pour the solution on the stained area of concrete and leave it for a few minutes, then begin scrubbing it with a stiff bristle brush. When you are satisfied, rinse the area with water. Be aware that bleach may cause some damage to any vegetation you have growing. Use bleach at the risk of damaging your yard and flowerbed.

Soapy water swirling on a concrete surface

Using a 3:1 ratio of bleach and water, and a brush, scrub the stained area clean.


Sun is a natural stain remover. Just leave the concrete alone and the stain will fade away with time and weather. It’s not the fastest option, but it’s the easiest.

Clean and wet driveway in front of an open, empty garage

Sunshine and weather will eventually return your driveway to normal.

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