DIY Superhero Bedroom for Boys

Picture of a small boy dressed in a Superman costume
Superheros make for the perfect decorating theme for a boy's bedroom. If your son is into, nay obsessed with, superheroes then a superhero theme will be just the ticket for decorating his bedroom. His friends will rave about it and their mothers will want to know how you did it. You may even get the “Mom of the Year” award for doing this Superhero bedroom design for your son. Here are some tips and ideas to get you started.

Wall Color

You could just decorate this superhero-themed room on the white wall background, but if you want to make it really awesome, start with the walls. Your wall color choice will likely be influenced by what superhero your child aspires to or you may choose to use a set of heroes like the Avengers. Some colors I would suggest would be blue, yellow, or grey, depending on the shade. You might try doing a more neutral color like grey as your main color and then an accent wall in a brighter color. I don’t recommend painting a child’s bedroom walls all red as that may have some negative effects. Kids are rambunctious enough as it is, and entirely red walls may not prove to be helpful in this respect. Consider color psychology before you choose the wall color for this superhero bedroom.

Accent Walls

Another option is to paint a wall in a cityscape mural which can really add interest to your son’s superhero bedroom design. Depending on his age you might also consider an accent wall or a small section of wall in black. This black can also be done using magnetic paint, chalkboard paint or both. Again consider the age of your child; if they are too young to understand the difference between chalk, markers, and crayons and the chalkboard wall in their room vs. the living room wall then I wouldn’t recommend adding this feature. Magnetic paint would be a great alternative for a younger child.

Wall ArtDecor: Wall Art

Decals are a fun way to decorate a boy’s bedroom without putting holes in the wall or you can do three-dimensional or framed or canvas art depending on the look you are going for. Consider using insignia’s of the hero or heroes you are theming this room around. Don’t forget the classic comic book sound effect word art. The hero’s mask would also be a fun item to put on the wall. There are a variety of ways you could display this art so be creative and have fun with it. If you need some ideas to get you started check out Pinterest’s superhero room ideas, there are a lot of ideas to choose from in every theme and style.

Action FiguresDecor: Action Figures

Every little boy who is into superheroes has action figures. Give him a place to keep them safe and it’s easy to put them away when he is finished playing with them. I recommend providing a specific place on the top of a short bookshelf. Be mindful of the height of your child, especially if you want him to learn to put away his toys. One solution I have seen was more about utility than decorating using a shoe bag that you hang on the back of the door, with one pocket for each figurine. Not pretty but a useful idea if your son will actually use it.

A Super Suite

Every little boy needs one. If you want to have a lot of fun get several superhero costumes and hang them neatly in a row on the wall where he can easily use them and learn to put them away because superheroes always put away their superhero suites. If he doesn’t believe you show him almost any Spiderman movie. The suite is always put away properly. Pretty sure the same goes for Batman. Be wary of Ironman, super suites do not actually put themselves away, you wouldn’t want him to grow up thinking that your cleaning up after him has anything to do with his superhuman powers.

Real Heroes

Don’t forget to put something in there somewhere to remind him what a true hero is, does, and stands for. Have an actual example of someone he can really look up to and be sure to tell him why that picture or symbol is significant. A quote is always a good idea, maybe he can’t read it yet, but you can read it to him and it will have a lasting impact on him.

By decorating the room with a superhero theme you have created an opportunity to teach him how to be a real hero. Heroes don’t wear capes or super suites. A real hero is honest and good and a gentleman. He puts others before himself. Teach him that selfless acts of service for others make everyday heroes out of ordinary men and women. When he brings you flowers – or dandelions, same thing – or does the dishes, even if it wasn’t something he did willingly at the time, tell your brave, obedient little boy that he is your hero.

Treat people not as the person they are but as the person they could become and they will rise to the occasion. By treating him as the man you hope he becomes you are teaching him how to fly.

Have fun decorating this Superhero bedroom for your little boy. Let him in on the decision-making and decorating process as much as you can, it will create lasting memories you won’t regret. Trust him with something challenging, let him be a hero.

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