Best Color Schemes for Your Kitchen

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For many homeowners, the kitchen functions as one of the most important rooms in the home. As the gathering place for family, friends and guests, the kitchen not only serves as a place to eat good food, but to share funny stories and enjoy each other company and companionship. By making the decision to give your kitchen some special attention, you revitalize this special room in your home. New kitchen paint colors not only beautify the space, but the different shades and hues make a major impact on the mood and feel of the environment. With so many different design approaches, it can become overwhelming to pick a color scheme to rejuvenate your kitchen. Here are a few ideas to help you choose the right colors and create a kitchen space you can enjoy.

Let Your Cabinets Be Your Guide

To pull together a successful color scheme for your kitchen, you need to carefully plan the project. Make sure that you include in your planning other elements and finishes in the space, which includes including the countertop, backsplash, cabinets and flooring. Because cabinets take up the most visual space in your kitchen, use them to guide you to the kitchen paint colors that works best for the space.

  • Wood Cabinets – If you have natural or stained wood cabinets in your kitchen, allow the undertones in the wood to guide you to your choice of wall colors. To play off the warm undertones in the wood, warm, earthy tones in the kitchen look at sunny yellows, toasty neutrals and fiery oranges and reds. You can also use some shades of white or gray to create contrast, especially for dark cabinet. Cool blues and greens paint colors can also help you create the kitchen of your dreams.
  • Metal Cabinets – The slick, shiny, cool undertones of metal cabinets make them a challenge to match with the right paint color. However, the metallic surface reflects light and works well with bold, bright colors. Whites, deep reds and cool dark grays also play well from metal cabinets.
  • Painted CabinetsTo achieve a neutral, modern look for your kitchen, and keep the same color of your existing cabinets, select a wall paint that has the same undertone as the cabinets, but a shade or two darker. The visual effect makes the cabinets appear to stand out from slightly receded walls. Alternatively, if you do not like the color of your cabinets, change the mood of the space with a completely new color scheme for the cabinets and walls.

If you still need more ideas on choosing a paint scheme for your kitchen, check out the numerous “Color of the Year” selections, which include Pantone’s “Ultra Violet,” and Sherwin-William’s “Oceanside.” These colors are also accompanied with a variety of color palettes that you can use for inspiration, whether you need to choose a neutral base shade for the entire kitchen or an accent wall.

Test the Colors in Your Kitchen

Before you go out and buy paint, test out different color samples on your walls and against other elements in the room. The small size of the samples makes it difficult to determine the softness or intensity of a color. So, try taping the small pieces together to create a larger sample piece. You can also purchase a sample container of paint to conduct tests. Finally, check out the free online k to assist you with choosing colors. Apply the color to the wall and live with it for few days before you make your final decision.

Attention to Detail

Since kitchens have a lot of nooks and crannies, attention to detail is very important when it comes to actually applying the paint. If you do not have the most steady hand for painting straight lines, consider hiring a professional to apply the paint in the colors you have selected. Five Star Painting offers free estimates, which can be scheduled on our website or by calling 888-261-3633.

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