10 Trending Kitchen Cabinet Colors

man and woman choosing kitchen color with paint swatches

Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen or starting from scratch, picking the perfect cabinet color can be challenging, especially with so many options out there. Trending kitchen cabinet colors change from year to year — and can leave some homeowners unsure of how to handle their next kitchen remodel project.

Don’t worry; we’ve put together a list of the top 10 kitchen cabinet colors for this year. Our list features colors that blend a mixture of the outdoors, natural woods, neutral tones, and other colors to create a beautiful, eye-catching result.

  1. Earthy undertones
  2. Natural grain colors
  3. Dark blue
  4. Timeless black
  5. Neutral white
  6. Neutral gray
  7. Beige
  8. Reddish tones
  9. Two-toned colors
  10. Tri-toned colors

These trending cabinet colors will help you create the perfect look for your kitchen project. Continue reading to learn more about these colors and how to incorporate them into your design.

1. Earthy Undertones

neutral paint swatches organized by brown and gray colors next to grain

Earthy, natural colors are becoming increasingly popular this year. For example, greenish hues, sandy beige, charcoal grays, and gray greens evoke a feeling of being outside, which helps create a relaxing visual effect.

Light or dark green kitchen cabinet colors are especially trendy due to their versatility and calming presence. They also blend well with many of the other fixtures in your home.

Pick lighter or darker hues depending on the kind of mood you want to establish. For instance, if you’re looking to create a vibrant, energized space, select lighter hues from the natural colors listed above. If you prefer something warmer and more inviting, choose darker hues to complement the room.

The best part: neutral cabinet colors are great for mixing and matching other color palettes.

2. Natural Grain Colors

a modern kitchen with wood paneling on the counters and cabinets paired with black

The look of natural wood is extremely versatile and can balance your room’s overall aesthetic. It offers the perfect blend between chic and simple and can transform your kitchen by giving it a whole new look. It’s also the perfect way to bring a sense of the outdoors into any room.

Depending on your preference, consider coating the wood with a clear finish that draws attention to its natural grain pattern or you can opt for a darker stain to create an elegant look (think dark walnut or mahogany).

3. Dark Blue

navy kitchen cabinets with long gold handles

Using dark blue colors for kitchen cabinets is also making waves this year. It’s one of those colors that helps you bring the outdoors in, mimicking the calmness of the ocean.

Dark blue hues not only add an element of mystery and depth but can also stand out to create a striking contrast. These colors can blend easily with other décor in your home. Blue cabinet doors with silver or gold hardware, for instance, can help you create a sophisticated look. You can also opt for earthy colors to complement the elegance of rich blue.

4. Timeless Black

black kitchen cabinets with black handles over a brick wall

Timeless black is a great way to create a minimalist, modern look. Black kitchen cabinets never go out of style and can add dimension to your space.

Black also has a way of balancing brighter colors within the space to ground tones that may otherwise be too eye-catching or bold.

5. Neutral White

kitchen interior with white cabinets paired with a steel stove

Neutral white is also a color that never seems to go out of style. All-white kitchen cabinets have been trending for years, with a look that stands the test of time. They create a sense of brightness and can make your kitchen feel more open and airier. This color choice is ideal for smaller kitchens.

Since white is easy to paint over, it’s also a perfect color if you want to refresh your cabinets down the line. White cabinets will give you the option to paint over them and start anew whenever you want to spice up your kitchen again.

6. Neutral Gray

kitchen interior with gray cabinets, marble walls, and a minimalist table with a white flower

Neutral gray cabinets are also among the most trending options today. Gray has come a long way from being considered boring and dull. It is now viewed as a sleek and modern option.

Gray cabinets can be paired with almost any décor type, making it the perfect option for homeowners who want to create an even, balanced look.

7. Beige

entire minimalist kitchen with beige cabinets paired with white

Like white, beige will almost surely never go out of style. Although it may seem like the “safe” color option, don’t undervalue its immense possibilities. Adding dark wood trim to your cabinets can help accentuate the look of beige’s modest hue.

Beige also lends a timeless look that won’t need extensive updates in years to come. So, if you’re looking for an option that provides longevity, beige may be your best choice.

8. Reddish Tones

sleek modern kitchen with bright red cabinets paired with red and steel appliance.

Reddish tones (such as scarlet, maroon, and crimson) have a way of instilling a sense of minimalism in your home. Red’s striking presence can also create a sophisticated, bold look.

These hues pair well with other colors like beige and charcoal gray.

9. Two-Toned Colors

two-toned kitchen with white and navy cabinets paired with a marble back pane

Two-toned colors are making a big splash this year, especially black and white. A black-and-white color combination has become more popular in recent years and doesn’t appear to be going out of style any time soon.

This color combination also helps create a clean, classic aesthetic that provides the ideal backdrop for splashes of color in your kitchen.

10. Tri-Tone Colors

a modern kitchen with a pink wall and a black wall paired with white, marble, and wood cabinets and steel appliances

Out of all the cabinet choices, tri-tone colors are surely turning heads this year. Consider mixing wood grain and painted finishes of the same hue, or mix and match a combination of beige, dark green, and natural wood for a complementary look.

Choosing three distinct colors to transform your space is the perfect way to bring out your personality and style. It’s especially nice for those who want to get a bit more creative.

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