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If your kitchen cabinets are outdated, the paint is chipping, or it is time for a new look, turn to Five Star Painting for cabinet refinishing services.

Our pros can improve the look and feel of your space without having to replace your kitchen cabinets. Not only is this more efficient than replacing your cabinetry, it is also more cost-effective.

When you work with our cabinet refinishers, you’ll never have to worry about surprises, hidden fees, or gimmicks. We’ll even review your options and pricing beforehand so you know exactly what to expect.

Renovate your cabinets and transform your space when you turn to our home improvement experts for refinishing services.

Kitchen cabinets painted in tan with stainless steel appliances.

Refinishing vs. Refacing – Which is the Better Option?

It’s important to determine whether refinishing or refacing your cabinets will better suit your space.

Refinishing involves changing the color or finish of a cabinet. This is achieved by hand sanding or stripping the existing finish from the wood and then applying new paint or stain.

Refacing, on the other hand, consists of replacing cabinet doors and drawer fronts with new ones. We put new veneer or material on top of the cabinet frames or drawers to match the new doors. You may also need to replace side panels, moldings, or face framings.

If you don’t like your kitchen cabinets’ current style, you may want to reface them. If budget is of concern, refinishing is the less expensive option.

Options for Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets

When you decide it’s time for kitchen cabinet refinishing, you have three options: painting, staining, or glazing. Each finish works differently to create a certain type of look in your kitchen.

For example, staining your cabinets to highlight their natural grain is a great way to refinish them. Stains naturally darken wood features and add rich color tones.

Similarly, painting your cabinets to create a smooth, solid color and surface is another viable option. Painting cabinets is a cost-effective way to change the style of your kitchen without replacing anything.

Keep in mind that our team has the expertise and experience to enhance the look of any kitchen with a fresh coat of paint.

Lastly, glazing your cabinets helps add dimension and contrast. Glaze is applied on the top of stained or painted cabinets to boost appeal.

Pros and Cons of Refinishing Cabinets

Refinishing your kitchen cabinets is a great way to boost your room’s aesthetic. Explore some of the pros and cons of kitchen cabinet refinishing to see if it’s a right fit for you.


  • More cost-effective than resurfacing or replacing cabinets
  • Faster than resurfacing or replacing cabinets
  • Best DIY way to update cabinets


  • Won’t fix any significant cabinet dents or damages
  • Won’t change the overall look or layout of kitchen cabinets

FAQs about Cabinet Refinishing

Is it cheaper to refinish or replace cabinets?

It is usually cheaper to refinish cabinets than replace them. Replacing consists of completely removing cabinets off your walls and putting in new ones.

With refinishing, all you need to do is apply paint or stain to your existing cabinets. You also don’t have to worry about the cost of wood, hardware, tools, and labor to replace your cabinets.

Should I refinish or replace my kitchen cabinets?

Whether you want to refinish or replace depends on the quality of your cabinets and what goals you have for your kitchen. If you don’t want to change the setup of your cabinets, refinishing them can give a dated color or stain a new look without racking up the bill.

Meanwhile, if your cabinets are in poor condition, it may be time to replace them.

How do I prepare my kitchen cabinets for refinishing?

It’s important to follow certain steps when preparing your kitchen cabinets for refinishing. We’ve included four steps to consider:

Step 1: Assess the condition of your cabinets.

Surfaces that are already painted can be repainted if in good condition. If the existing finish is in poor shape, we will remove the old paint.

Step 2: Empty cabinets and remove doors.

It’s important to empty your cabinets since the area will get very dusty and messy during refinishing. Also, remove any doors, drawers, and hardware. We recommend labeling each piece using painters’ tape to get a better idea of where everything goes.

Step 3: Remove dirt and repair damages.

It’s a good idea to clean all surfaces with TSP cleaner to get rid of any grease or dirt. You can repair any damaged areas like dents and holes with a wood filler.

Step 4: Prep area and sand.

Make sure to cover any countertops or appliances you want to protect before sanding.

Step 5: Vacuum space.

Clean surfaces with a vacuum and tack cloth to ensure everything is dust free before painting.

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Cabinet refinishing services vary by franchised location. Contact your local Five Star Painting for details.

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