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Interior painting is a job that requires attention to detail and expertise. You want to be able to spruce up your interior walls without leaving paint streaks or drip marks. Rather than trying to tackle a painting project on your own, count on Five Star Painting of Castle Rock.

You can rest assured that our team will come fully stocked to prep your walls and create the perfect interior style with the right color combinations and textures. We have estimators and project managers who will spend time with you picking out the right colors and coordinating the project from the beginning until its completion.

Why our clients love our interior painting services:

  • Precise, accurate painting work
  • Affordable rates
  • Clean work areas
  • Courteous industry professionals

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Let Us Transform Your Home

Your space deserves an upgrade. Why not start with a fresh coat of paint? We use high-quality paints from brands like Sherwin-Williams®. Our catalog is enormous, so you can pick from thousands of different colors and finishes, making every room in your home one to remember.

What room or rooms in your home need some new paint?

Repainting your home’s interior is not something you should do just because it is fun. The process can actually be good for your overall well being. When a room does not match your style and vision, just sitting in it can make you subconsciously uncomfortable. Start to love spending time in each and every single room in your home by arranging interior painting services from Five Star Painting of Castle Rock.

Picking the Right Paint for Each Room

Did you know that not all paints are made equal? It’s true. For every room in your house, there are specific types of paints that will work best to coat the walls and provide the right finishes. There will also be a number of other paints that would not be the best choice for that room.

Before you pick up a book about painting insider secrets, let us save you the trouble. When you choose us for your next interior painting project in Castle Rock, you can trust in us to recommend the best types of paint for each room.

A few examples of different types of walls and the paints they should be matched with:

  • Bathroom walls: It’s no secret that bathrooms can get really humid when people take hot showers, and water can splash when using the sink or getting out of the tub. The paint in a bathroom needs to be able to stand up to the wet conditions, so a premium latex enamel paint is usually best.
  • Kitchen walls: When you’re cooking up a fresh meal in the kitchen, grease, sauce, and other food bits can splatter on the walls. Any paint in your kitchen should be easy to clean and wipe down without damaging it. A satin finish latex enamel paint or one with a semigloss sheen can work well.
  • Cabinets and doors: To create a nice finish on cabinets, doors, window frames, and other trims around your home, we recommend going for an acrylic latex. There are also paints specifically for cabinets that we can show you.
  • Bedrooms: The walls in a bedroom are great because they are basically ready for any type of paint. They are flat, broad surfaces that don’t need to worry about water, humidity, and other conditions, so feel free to pick any paint and finish you like.
  • Ceilings: Paint applied to ceilings should be a flat latex-based paint that sticks during painting, so it doesn’t just drip everywhere. You should also be cautious when choosing any color other than white and any glossy finish. White is used because it helps bounce light around the room. Glossy paints on the ceiling can create a strange, cavernous like effect that makes the room feel smaller.

Is It Time to Repaint Your Home’s Interior?

Day-to-day living is not a clean and careful process, as your home’s interior walls can testify. Carrying in groceries, playing with your children or pets, lugging around furniture, and just walking inside after a storm can do a number on your walls. Little dings, scratches, and scuffs will start to form, eventually taking the fresh appearance out of a room.

To make certain your home is always looking its best, no matter how life gets, you should repaint:

  • Bedrooms: Once every five years
  • Living room: Once every four years
  • Dining room: Once every four years
  • Kitchen: Once every three years
  • Bathroom: Once every three years
  • Child’s room: Once every two years
  • Hallways and stairwells: Once every two years

Basically, the busier a room gets with foot traffic, the more often it should be repainted. Children tend to play in their rooms and toss toys around, so they need their bedrooms repainted more often than an adult’s bedroom. The living room is used quite often, but people tend to sit still and rest in there, so the walls tend to last a little longer than you might expect.

Of course, you can repaint any room as often as you want. It’s up to you, but we think these suggestions should help the average homeowner pace out how often they schedule a repainting project.

Smooth Painting, Every Time

Using the right tools with the best paints makes it easier for us to deliver expert craftsmanship with any project. Your space may have a variety of structural challenges for painting but it’s nothing that we haven’t seen before. We can handle crown molding, difficult corner cabinets, accents, baseboards, and so much more. Whether you are ready with the colors or need help selecting the right coats, know that we have the experience and knowledge to choose the best products for the job.

Leave All the Painting to Us

Preparation work comes naturally to us, and we know how to get the job done right. That’s why you will always see the painters taking their time while making sure to stay within the limits of the project and your budget. Your time is precious, so we'll strive to complete your interior painting job on schedule, whether we are painting one room or ten.

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