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The Piedmont area of North Carolina is known for its clay soil which is the reason it is home to many of the largest brick companies in the United States. The various types of clay and different ways of mining and firing the clay give brick many different looks. Over time the look of the bare brick might date the exterior of your house and/or detract from its overall curb appeal and you want to make a change. Applying a coating to the brick can give it the updated look and feel that you are looking for. But you need to be very careful when it comes to coating brick.

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Like all masonry surfaces, brick is meant to breathe in order for it to do its job correctly and for it to last.  Because the purpose of standard architectural coatings is to protect the surface from the elements the process of priming and painting those surfaces with standard water based or oil based primers and paints seal the surface, not allowing them to breathe.  Therefore, priming and painting brick, especially exterior brick can create issues with the performance of the primer/paint and the brick leading to bubbling, chipping, peeling, cracking, and spalling.  By using the correct type of coating (mineral based) you can achieve the look you want without creating a potential long term and expensive maintenance and performance issue for the paint and the brick.

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Five Star Painting of Greensboro specializes in using mineral based coatings to give our clients’ brick exterior and interior surfaces the new look and life they are looking for.  Whether it is giving the brick a fresh new color to make it pop, giving the bold red of the brick a softer look by painting it with a neutral color, or lime washing your brick to give it an old world look like it has been there for centuries.  Five Star Painting of Greensboro is the Triad’s expert in mineral based coatings and specializes in lime paint and lime washing applications.  We can help you learn about the different options of coating your brick to give you the look you want, increasing your home’s value, and not having to worry about bubbling, chipping, peeling paint that will need to be refreshed every 5 years or so.  We are experienced, knowledgeable, and experts in using multiple mineral products from paint companies like Romabio and Keim, and we are preferred professionals by those companies to apply their products correctly so they are warrantied.

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