Shadow Boxes

Wooden table with chairs below a white wall and a golden wall decoration

Shadow box
molding is frame-shaped trim installed onto walls or on top other moldings like wainscoting.

Shadow boxes can be implemented as finishing touches to a wall or wall paneling. It can be used in simple trim schemes or the final piece of a molding masterpiece. Whether the shadow boxes themselves are subtle or pop out, they express exquisite beauty for any area if it merges well with other trim and decorative styles in a space.

Living room with white walls and a fireplace

Shadow boxes look magnificent in trim heavy spaces aiming for that maximum level of refinement. Though the archway is drawing the most attention, notice the amount of shadow boxes installed in this hallway.

Hallway with marble floors leading to a front door

An example of the versatility of shadow boxes. The ones in the photo below enhance the antique feeling of the room.

Wooden crib in a mauve-painted bedroom

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