Exterior House Painters in Loudoun

Put a new coat of paint on features of your home's exterior.

exterior house painting

The exterior of a home is its first impression. Most homes here in Northern Virginia have either brick or vinyl siding which means the majority of exterior house painting work is trim. But that doesn’t mean your home still can’t make a statement.

At Five Star Painting Loudoun we use the highest quality exterior paints to provide the longest lasting finish on the outdoor surfaces of your home, as well as to save you money. Our crews stick to fast, efficient work to revive your:

  • Rooflines

  • Windows

  • Bay Windows

  • Doors

  • Porches

  • Columns

  • Railings

We have everything needed to make your home attractive and inviting. If you have wood, vinyl, or brick siding, we can discuss proper stain or paint treatments.

Exterior House Painting Procedure:

At Five Star Painting, we take great care ensuring that your house is prepared right. Our standard process includes:

1. Initial walk-through with you and one of our Project Managers to review scope of work.

2. Power wash all surfaces to be painted to remove all dirt, mold, mildew, and algae.

3. Remove all rotten wood or other damaged surfaces. Replace with new wood or PVC.

4. Remove all failing caulk and replace with new. Seal cracks and gaps to prevent moisture intrusion.

5. Paint surfaces with paint appropriate for surface.

6. Clean up area and haul away debris.

7. Final walk-through with your Project Manager to make sure all cleaning, repairs, and painting are to your satisfaction.

Experts recommend that you paint your exterior every 6-8 years. If it’s about that time to take a look at your home exterior painting needs, contact us for an estimate today!

Exterior of a grey painted house with white siding and a large garage with a dark grey painted door.
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