Wallpaper Removal in Loudoun

Step one to improving your interior.

Preparing your home for a new coat of paint can be tricky when wallpaper is involved. Anything could be behind that layer of paper and glue, leaving you with the risk and repair. The knowledge of a professional can make wallpaper removal simple and give you the blank canvas needed for any design project you have in mind.

Taking down wallpaper can be an involving process with multiple possibilities that make what seems like an easy job turn into a more complicated fix.

More common issues with wallpaper involve a complete mystery as to what is behind the display. There could be previous damage, several layers of paper and glue, or old, melted adhesive. The work of removing the paper and glue could result in more problems than you began with.

These potential issues are what make hiring a knowledgeable and trustworthy professional for the job worthwhile.

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At Five Star Painting Loudoun we are committed to thorough work that will take the uncertainty out of wallpaper removal. We’ll start with our best estimate on the price and work required. During the removal process we will keep you up to date on any concerns, help you determine the best course of action, and ensure that all damage is repaired. We guarantee your walls will be clean, smooth, and ready to paint.

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