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The kitchen is the central hub of most homes because it's the place where families get together for meals. When your kitchen cabinets become dull and faded, you really only have a few options. You can replace them and spend thousands of dollars on new ones, or you can restore the cabinets you already have. When you choose Five Star Painting in Merrillville, you'll find that restoration is a better option.

Kitchens, Bathrooms and More

Cabinets serve an important purpose in a room because they furnish the storage that you need. The cabinets in your kitchen give you space for the pots and pans that your family uses every day as well as the dishes and glasses that you only use for special occasions. You might have a pantry where you store food and other ingredients. At Five Star Painting of Merrillville, our cabinet painting services are suitable for the storage units in your pantry and kitchen as well as those in other rooms, including the:

  • Bathroom
  • Laundry room
  • Home office
  • Family room
  • Sewing room
  • Study or den
  • Workshop
  • Garage

If you dislike the appearance of the cabinets in your home, now is the perfect time to restore them. Contact our Merrillville office today at (219) 334-2956 to get a free estimate and find out what you can do about renewing those fixtures.

Let Us Tackle Your Tough Jobs

Painting or staining cabinets is difficult because it usually requires removing the doors and dealing with them separately before returning them to the body. At Five Star Painting of Merrillville, we can tackle each step in the process with ease. Not only can we refinish the cabinets and doors, but we can also deal with the shelving and interior as well. With our services, you'll love showing off your cabinets and using them for storage.

Are you ready to organize your home and make the most of your cabinets? Call Five Star Painting of Merrillville today at (219) 334-2956 in Merrillville to learn about our cabinet painting services. We'll schedule a consultation and furnish you with a free estimate.

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