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Have you ever stopped dead in your tracks to admire something beautiful? Or have you ever given thought to how your house is protected against the weather? Thankfully, you don’t have to go to the Everglades to see beautiful sights or put a force field around your house to keep it protected; new paint can solve both of these problems!

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Why Should I Repaint My House?

Besides leaving you with a gorgeous home, a new exterior paint job accomplishes a couple of other important tasks. New paint can boost a home’s value and curb appeal and can help protect your home from weather and other elements.

New Paint Boosts Your Home’s Curb Appeal & Value

There’s nothing like pulling into your driveway and admiring your house after a new paint job. In fact, repainting your house is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to boost your home’s value and curb appeal. So, if you’re getting ready to put your house on the market, here’s a tip; consider repainting your house! First impressions are incredibly important, especially for house buyers. A rejuvenated exterior can help grab their attention!

New Paint Helps Protect Your House

Especially with the tropical climate in Florida, paint acts as a protective shield against weather and the elements. When exterior paint begins to chip, crack, or peel, water from hurricanes and storms gets into your siding and can lead to rot, mold, and water damage. Wouldn’t you rather spend less money to repaint your house than pay thousands of dollars later in more serious repairs?

This leads into another consideration; how often should your home be repainted?

When to Hire Exterior House Painters?

On average, homes in temperate climates should be repainted about every 7-10 years or so. However, this ultimately depends on factors such as the climate, your home’s siding, and the quality of any previous paint and paint job.


Florida’s climate isn’t temperate. On the contrary, we live in a tropical climate, albeit gorgeous and sunny, but it can pose a challenge to your home’s paint due to its storms and other elements. As such, your Seminole homes should be painted more frequently to ensure your house is well-protected against the weather.


Siding is another factor you ought to consider when determining if your home should be repainted. We encounter stucco pretty frequently; as such, your stucco siding should be repainted every 7-10 years.

Exterior Painters Near You!

The quality of your house painting projects is vital to your home. You might need to have your house repainted more frequently if inexperienced painters, or even DIY jobs, resulted in bad work.

At Five Star Painting of Pinellas County, we only use the highest quality paints on the market and we stand by our “Done Right” promise. Quality is what we’re known for, and our previous clients can attest to that! As your local house painting contractors, we are familiar with the tropical climates and siding material to provide exceptional services.

We are here to help! If you have any questions whatsoever about your house and whether or not it should be repainted, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help! We proudly serve all of Pinellas County.

Discover all the Ways Paint Can Change Your Property’s Appearance

There are countless places outside that can be improved with an exterior paint job. Five Star Painting of Pinellas County allows you to paint many areas of your Florida home, including:

  • Exterior walls: Call attention to your home by painting the front, back, and sides of your house.
  • Fences: Our team can paint metal, wooden, and vinyl fences.
  • House trims: Whether your house has shutters, window trims, balconies, or dormer trim, a tasteful coat of paint can highlight these architectural details.
  • Pools: Water-tolerant paint can change the color of your pool deck, gazebos, and other marine areas around the pool.
  • Patios: These areas often have rails, flooring, and other surfaces that require painting.
  • Outbuildings: Garden sheds, garages, children's playhouses, and barns can all be updated with paint.

Some of our clients have wondered about the types of exterior materials we paint. A few of the many types of exterior materials that we can paint include:

  • Stucco
  • Wood
  • Vinyl siding
  • Concrete
  • Brick
  • Paneling

Our exterior painters near you will work with you to find the right preparation method and paint style for your house's exterior. Whether you need a stucco painting, wood painting, concrete, or more, our Seminole exterior painters can help.

Dial today if you're interested in finding out more about Five Star Painting of Pinellas County's exterior painting services in Seminole and the surrounding areas!

I’m Ready to Have My House Painted – What’s Next?

Give our Seminole painters a call at (727) 777-6517 to schedule your free estimate! One of our estimators will drop by your house and scope out the project. Our estimators are known to provide helpful suggestions and leave no stone unturned when it comes to mapping out house painting jobs. We trust you’ll have a great experience working with the team!

Next, we’ll schedule the job! We’ll work around your schedule so your house is painted when it’s most convenient for you.

How We Paint Exterior of House

Then, we’ll buckle down and paint your house. We’ll begin by preparing the surfaces, such as cleaning the surfaces with a power washer, removing loose paint or debris, filling holes, and sanding and smoothing. We’ll prime all of the surfaces then paint away! We’ll apply the right amount of paint to smoothly and evenly paint your exteriors.

Finally, we'll clean up and remove all of their gear and trash from your residence.

By hiring our Seminole painting contractors, you’ll have nothing to worry about throughout the process. We’ll arrive on time each day, keep you well-informed throughout the project, leave no trace at your home by keeping our work areas clean and tidy, we’ll stick to your budget and be transparent about pricing, and, perhaps best of all, provide the highest quality exterior painting services in Pinellas County, Florida! Call us today to figure out how much it cost to paint the exterior of your house.

You can count on us for five-star quality exterior house painters near Seminole, FL! Schedule your free estimate online or call us .We look forward to meeting you and enlivening your home!

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