Painting Exterior Brick

paint exterior brick house
Many people shudder at the mention of painting exterior brick. Nonetheless, painting exterior brick that has become tired or worn can be the right design choice in many of situations. Painted brick walls can completely transform once drab red or yellow tones to exude dazzling curb appeal. For this type of project, it is important to consult with an experienced professional, such as Five Star Painting. We can clarify the pros and cons so that you make an informed decision on whether to move forward with painting or leave the brick in its natural state.

Painting Exterior Brick

The Benefits of Painting Exterior Brick

With careful planning, you can have painted exterior brick walls that will provide you years of maintenance-free enjoyment before it comes time to perform a touch-up. Here are some of the positives of painting exterior brick:

  • Provides a Seal — If you have an older home that has moisture issues, the decision to paint the exterior may provide the solution. The process of priming and sealing the surface prior to the application of paint, with a sealer/primer appropriate for masonry material, will help control moisture infiltration or possibly eliminate the problem.
  • Choose the Color You Desire — Typically, color on the exterior of the home comes in the form of siding, eaves, soffits, window trim doors, roof materials, etc. With brick, you become used to the tone and may not notice it after some time. The decision to paint exterior brick provides you unlimited color options.
  • Durability — The properties of brick make it naturally durable. When experts prepare and paint exterior brick correctly, you can enjoy years of durability and minimal maintenance for the painted finish. It is important to use the highest-quality top quality primer and paint.

As you ponder the advantages of painting exterior brick, incorporate into the decision-making process how the exposure of the house -- north, south, east and west-- as well as the time of day can have a significant impact on the appearance of the color. For example if the sun’s rays shine on the front elevation of the home, the color can appear lighter. Conversely, the color of the walls located in the shadows may appear much richer.

For this reason, it is essential that your painter perform tests on the major areas. The test outcome will help you perceive the color effects.

Benefits of Painting Exterior Brick

Disadvantages You Should Consider

When painting exterior brick, the bricks and mortar may be in good condition at the time, but become damaged and deteriorated over time. Hidden behind layers of paint, the condition can go undetected. You will need to exercise some diligence when it comes to periodically performing visual inspections. In addition, like other painted surfaces, painted exterior brick may require some maintenance to repair flaked, chipped, or cracked paint.

Furthermore, over time, exposure to natural elements, such as sun, wind, rain, ice and snow, may cause the color to fade. You will need to apply a fresh coat of paint to keep the brick looking attractive. If you decide in the future to remove the paint, the process requires more labor compared to removing paint from a wood surface, especially since the brick may not have a smooth surface.

A fresh paint job can give your home a renewed look, improve its curb appeal and may increase its value. Contact the residential painting experts at Five Star Painting for a free consultation to paint your exterior brick and other painting services.